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Day 1 – The Journey Begins

Welcome to the first day of the rest of my life.  With Chick-fil-A in it. Every. Single. Day.

I know the whole dramatic. period. after. one. word. thing is on the way out, but I’ll use it one last time to heighten the tension for what is probably the greatest announcement in the history of the world, or at least the 21st century, which is this: today I scored, at the gracious and merciful hands of the absolutely best person in the world (at this moment in time), Jane Melton, Chick-fil-A Employee of the Year, a Chick-fil-A VIP Member Black Card, which means I will be eating once a day for the rest of the year TOTALLY FREE at Chick-fil-A stores in the greater Tampa Bay area.

Did I, or did I not warn you it would be the greatest announcement ever? Proof is right below:


Okay, so I know what you’re thinking. First of all, you really wish you could be me, and not just for my intellectual prowess or dashing good looks. Sarcasm people. I blog for a living which has been scientifically proven to make you dumber, and that blinding light in your eye? That’s the glare off my bald head. I’m SO kidding about being smart and hot. But I really do think you’d like to be a Chick-fil-A VIP member.  Who wouldn’t?

But more pressingly, you’re also thinking, “There is no way you could eat Chick-fil-A every single day of the year!” And to your point, I initially agreed.  But when my wife presented the challenge to me that I couldn’t possibly do it, I called her challenge and raised her a daily blog post chronicling my adventures at the nearest eatery of pure Chick-fil-A goodness.

Of course you’re skeptical, and you should be. I’m consternated myself. But let me lay out a couple exclusions for this challenge up front that I think are reasonably acceptable and would preclude me from completing the task at hand.

1) Life threatening emergencies. As much as you might want your Chick-fil-A, sometimes life just won’t allow it.  Examples: death, jail, Duck Dynasty marathon on.  You get the point

2) Out of country excursions. I am co-leading a missions trip to Uganda this summer and my wife and I will be in Ethiopia twice this year for our adoption (Lord willing), so that’s going to make it tough. Granted, I got no problem grabbing an Original Chick-fil-A Sandwich with a side of BBQ in Africa, but I’m pretty sure Mr. Cathy hasn’t expanded there just yet.

3) Out of range. I’m just trying to be realistic. If I’m traveling and I don’t have a Chick-fil-A within a few counties, you gotta give a brother a break. I’ve also been warned by Mr. Andrew Cathy that I’m paying full boat in New York. And I quote: “It’s expensive in New York.” Will do, my friend, will do.

So that’s it! I’ll talk more about how awesome today’s VIP Lunch Event at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa was tomorrow, but I have to say, class act all the way around. There’s a reason the Cathy’s have been so successful all these years, and I can’t wait to share a little bit of that tomorrow with you.

Day 1 Stats

  • Location:
    15801 North Dale Mabry Highway
    Carrollwood, FL 33618

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  • Time of Visit: 6 pm
  • Meal Choice: Chick-fil-A 4 Piece Chick-n-Strips with Large Fries and a Large Vanilla Shake (Note to Self – you can’t keep this pace up)
  • Staff: VERY friendly.
  • Did You Know?: The 4-pc Chick-n-Strips has 43 grams of protein. Fair exchange for the 407 calories, don’t you think?
  • Trip Highlight: taking this photo below – I don’t know if the excitement will be there in 100 days, but let’s just enjoy the jubilation while we can, shall we?