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Day 101 – Dreaming of Chicken Donuts

Day 101.

photo 2As this is an Every Day with Chick-fil-A blog, you’re probably wondering if they’re now serving donuts, going by my picture. A chicken donut. Hmmmm….with Chick-fil-A sauce?  Product development team, are you listening?

No, the above picture is from my 12:00 appointment earlier today. I was nominated by the boss (aka Liza) to do an All Things Pumpkin Dunkin’ Donuts taste-testing for Addicted to Saving so we can blog about it later. Admittedly, it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

My favorite? Definitely the Pumpkin Pie Donut – in the words of the famed Keith Jackson, “Whoooooaa, Nelly.” It’s the one in the foreground below:

photo 1This appointment was in Tampa, and instead of hanging around there, I made the trek over the Courtney Campbell to sit down at a Panera and get some website work done. Liza then met me at our church so that little buddy could get his pictures taken for the baby dedication service coming up in November.  Unfortunately we were rushed and because I was trying to get him to smile, I don’t have any pics to share!

On the treacherous, wet-roaded, busy, crowded, crash-filled ride home (not us, other vehicles), we popped into Chick-fil-A and grabbed a #5 with GRILLED chicken. And much like the other night, I made a special concoction when I got home with some delicious, toasted, sweet bread dinner rolls from Publix, lathered-on Chick-fil-A sauce, Swiss cheese, and my grilled chicken.  Once again, an act of culinary magnificence played encore in my mouth:

photo 3The only problem with the above? I just made one.

(Side note – you can’t beat the fried chicken. The grilled is nice, but let’s be honest, when you go to Chick-fil-A, it’s for the peanut-oiled bathed delicacy of chicken that is second to none.)

Big thanks to my drive-thru peeps, Taylor and Jessica, and for the MacKenzie photobomb:

photo 4Now, please excuse me while I go dream about the chicken donut I expect for Chick-fil-A to have on the menu next year.