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Day 104 & Day 105 – My Sister Is in Town & A Very Embarrassing Confession

Day 104 & Day 105.

It’s been very difficult to get in the blogs lately. Even right now, I’m watching the Ohio State game on TV and it’s only 9:00 p.m., but I’m ready to cash in the chips and call it a night. My sister came in town today and we’ve been preparing for her arrival, trying to run the business (well), and then just accomplish the every day tasks of life.  It’s the end of the week. The tank is empty.

I was talking with my buddy about this the other day. Time. Usually we’ll say, “I don’t have enough time” to do [xyz]. But the truth is, we all have plenty of time. Time is all we have. And we all have it equally.  Somehow I need to find a way to be a better manager of it.

I also need to be a better pinch sub church league softball hitter. What I’m about to tell you is very embarrassing.  But I’m exposing my inadequacies precisely because [pride] is apparently an area where the Lord still needs to refine with [embarrassment].

My buddy Holden called me up while I was feeding Asher his dinner and asked me if I wanted to sub in their church softball league game. Friday nights are basically the only nights I have free. I decided to go. Mind you, the last time I swung a bat, much less played a game, was in 2003. And that was only for a couple of games. Before that, it was still the 20th century.

But so what?  Slow pitch softball? It’s like riding a bike, right?  How could this be difficult?  I played every sport known to man as a kid, and was good at them all. I’m not the athletic powerhouse I used to be, don’t get me wrong, but eye-hand coordination type activities come fairly easy to me. What could go wrong?

Turns out, everything.

I struck out. Twice.

If it weren’t for a total pansy move on my part, it would’ve been three (I took a 2-out walk in the middle of a 13 run 4th inning rally).

I was absolutely mortified. I am an athletic dude. I know I’m older now, and I know it’s been a while since I’ve hit a soft ball, but still – that is something that a one-armed monkey should be able to do, even with a 10 year layoff.   I mean, I thought I’d rip a couple of doubles at least. I’m not saying that in jest – I literally thought I’d have 1.000 batting average with three or four scored runs. Man, I’m such an arrogant [bleep]!

I held it together pretty good for the team, but as I came home, I drove in utter silence, shell-shocked. I know that it’s not that big a deal. And I wasn’t even that concerned about what those guys thought of me. (It’s not like they’re going to invite me back; clearly.) But it is merely the fact that I have this idea that I should be good at everything I do, regardless of how much I practice. It shouldn’t matter that I haven’t hit a ball in 10 years.  It’s hitting a ball. It’s like…walking. That’s how easy I considered hitting a slow pitch soft ball.

And there’s where the lesson comes in. You cannot expect to be proficient at that which you do not practice.  How vain, how ambitious, how conceited. It shows just how narcissistic I am as a natural man.

The interesting thing is that I turned on the radio right before turning into my neighborhood and there was this song on, “He’s not finished with me yet.” I didn’t think about it until I asked my wife why she thought God wanted me to be humiliated like that and she answered, “Maybe He’s not finished with you yet.”

Understatement of the year.

Anyhow, I suppose I have much to learn yet. And for the record, I will hit the batting cages for some BP just as soon as I have a minute. There I go again with time management.

A few pics to recap the last couple of days:

photo 1

(Day 104 started with a crustless gluten-free veggie quiche.)

photo 3

(Had a family trip to Publix – Ash-baby loves Publix. Especially since they gave him his first cookie ever.)

photo 2

(My Chick-fil-A run before my game – you guys are looking great! Ordered a 12-ct nuggets to prepare for my softball K’s. At least I didn’t go hungry.)

photo 4

(Colby & Skii waited on me and my sister on Day 105. I met Colby’s two other brothers as well!  Quite a moment for me. Kelly ordered a #5 and I had an Asian Salad the way I like it. I also used the first of my ten FREE entree passes that, as a VIP member, I’m required to give away as part of my VIP status. I was happy to use the first one on my sister and her son, Reid.)

photo 5

(Reid REALLY loved the Cookies & Cream milkshake mama had.)

The end.