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Day 106 – A Fun Weekend with Family

Day 106.

Day 106 was just a 6-pk of Oatmeal Cookies, for a couple of reasons. One, they’re delicious, so they’re not “just” a 6-pk of any old cookies. My sister had never tried them before and didn’t know they had oatmeal in them. The verdict? I think she approves (15 seconds in the microwave if you’re able). Two, we were in the mood for Mexican and I knew Chick-fil-A Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies would be a great way to cap off the evening for everyone. So, thanks to Jessica for the service today.


Our dinner date was at Tijuana Flats and I had our server (who was great btw) snap this picture to capture the five us. (Of course everyone’s looking at the camera but Asher.)
photo3It was a special event because it marked the first time we had taken Asher out to eat. I figured he’d be okay, but let’s be honest, an almost 1 year old in a public restaurant is a recipe for disaster. However, he did great. Never underestimate the power of cheese, which, as you can see from this pic, he smeared liberally all over the table. First time tasting cheese, and I can only assume from the enthusiastic grunts that he approved.
photo2We had a great time the past couple of days with Aunt Kelly and cousin Reid. It’s sad they leave tomorrow – wish they were closer. Asher has given Reid a run for his money, but it’s been fun for him to have a playmate in the home. I can’t wait for adoption #2 to come through!  🙂

We took a visit to the “boardwalk” while they were here (aka Hudson Beach), and here it was Reid’s turn to not look at the camera. Who could really blame him though? Poor Asher’s about blinded by the sun’s harmful rays. I sure hope we have some SPF 50 on that little kiddo.


Earlier today brother and sister were able to hit up the community pool with the boys. Nothing says parenthood like a BOB stroller.   Truly, I’ll never own anything else.

photo5I just love these boys with their swim shirts on. I know one day it won’t be cool to wear one, but for now, they’re like Joe Camel. Okay, so probably should’ve thought of a better analogy. Darn marketers.  And they haven’t even been able to advertise since, like, before I was born!

At any rate, Asher’s going to miss his cousin. Reid really does have a sweet disposition about him, and he tired Asher out. The whole weekend tired dada out, which is why, with my eyes half-closed, I’m ending this post and heading to bed.