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Day 107 – The Chick-fil-A Shutdown

Day 107.

I have sad news to report.  With the implementation of Obamacare, my local Chick-fil-A was forced to reduce staff and cut its operating hours due to exorbitant fees for being out of compliance as a result of the Affordable Care Act. With the partial shutdown of our government today, even if Chick-fil-a was open when I attempted to go, I wouldn’t have been able to get there as all roadwork ceased on Starkey road, creating a backup of biblical proportions.

Alas, I blame President Obama for my lack of free Chick-fil-A today.

Of course this isn’t true, but it’s not such a big stretch, is it?  Okay, maybe my free Chick-fil-A and a trillion dollar spending spree by the government aren’t exactly the same. However, VISA’s and Passports were halted as of this morning, which makes me grateful that Asher is home, safe and sound. Not sure if it would’ve affected him anyhow, but I’m thankful nonetheless.

But seriously though, today was a busy day that allowed me to get Chick-fil-A in the morning! Yes!  Love me some Chick-fil-A breakfast. I was up early to take my sister and her boy to the airport, and she introduced me to the app, WAYZ. (I think I spelled that correctly.)  It’s a GPS that gives you real-time estimated arrival time, factoring in construction, accidents, normal heavy traffic, etc. I didn’t believe her at first, but sure enough, we arrived within one minute of the ETA. Pretty sweet. And while I’d like to make fun of my brother-in-law for putting it on as they head to Sunday services each week (with no traffic to speak of) just so he can accumulate WAYZ points (or whatever they’re called), I guess I’ll let him off the hook. (Geek!)

After I dropped Kelly and Reid off, I went home to pick up Mr. Asher and we hit the road again. First stop?  Target. Had to get a new router because I about lost my Christianity last night with my computer and connectivity problems. (Side note – it’s theologically impossible to lose your salvation, for the record……just an expression folks.)

We checked out and I noticed to Ethiopian coffee display at the Starbucks inside, so I snapped a half-selfie with Ash-baby. Not the greatest pic in the world, but you get the point. everydaywithchickfila

Then we headed about two minutes away to the Trinity Chick-fil-A and I grabbed a Chicken Mini’s breakfast meal (4 ct) with a bottled water. I quickly the devoured the hash browns but took my time on those succulent mini’s, provided by Ashley and the gang at C-fil-A.

photo 2

Then it was off to Grandma’s house to pick up our “wusha” (Amharic for dog), Louie. Louie got a special treat by staying at Grandma’s for the weekend while my sister was here. Here he is in his crate in the back of the Kia Sorento we’ve been test-driving:

photo 3

The rest of the day was kind of a blur. I got the router set up after three calls and a couple of hours with Brighthouse. I fixed my laptop connectivity settings and everything seems to be running like a charm. When you’re a part of a blogging empire like we have in our house, fast and reliable Internet service is a must.

Hilarious. Just as I was typing that I saw the pop-up on my laptop – “Computer scan to printer has been lost.”

Hashtag yougottabekiddingme.