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Day 110 – Beating the Routine & the Mundane

Day 110.

There’s really nothing special about today’s events – just another Friday, with routine tasks and to-do’s, not unlike most Fridays. When you think about it, most days of your life are in the “routine and mundane” category. On the one hand it’s kind of depressing; you can really understand why we have ism’s like “Hump Day” and “Thank God It’s Friday.” It’s as though we’ll do anything to keep our minds off the seemingly meaninglessness of the everyday monotonies of life.

On the other hand, if we can look for transcendence even in the small stuff, days like today can be a lot easier, and dare I say, meaningful. Even when you’re on the phone with the insurance company for an hour and a half, or you deal with a lab that doesn’t pick up the phone and only allows you leave messages.  The tyranny of the urgent does not have to rule.

Which is why, admittedly, after getting a little peeved at my to-do list involving calls to doctors and insurance companies, I took time out to do something really important today – build Asher’s birthday present from mama and dada, a Radio Flyer tricycle with parent push and steering capabilities. Asher happily helped:

photo 1

I should’ve taken a picture of him riding the final product, but I’ll get that tomorrow.  I’ll tell you what – I’m typically the guy who will wait for weeks to put something like this together or tackle a project around the house. (My wife can vouch.) But it felt awesome to break through today’s mundane and routine activities to spend an hour with my son building something. It was a real Tim the Tool Man kind of moment. Btw, he’s excellent at putting the wrenches and wrapped bubble in his mouth.

After we put this together it was time for our Chick-fil-a run, and since the tummy was a little off today, I went for the Asian Salad with no oranges and a bottled water. Let’s be honest though – even when the tummy’s tip-top, I’m partial to those crispy wontons and savory almonds topped with the Honey Sesame nectar of the gods, drizzled neatly all over my crispy Chick-fil-a chicken.

I saw a lot of the regulars tonight working the drive-thru: both Ryans, Justin, and Sandra were all there. I find this pic to completely Epic.

photo 2

Ryan #1 was impressed with my new car, however it’s not actually my new car, just the car we’re test-driving for the week, the Mazda CX-5. Here’s what she looks like:


That reminds me, I think I promised the 8 readers I have a review of the 2014 Kia Sorento SX, which we also got to test drive for a week recently. You can check that out HERE.

Asher and I ate together this evening while mama was shopping at Publix – no offense buddy, but I’ll take my Asian Salad over your peas and mashed potatoes. (And I actually really like peas and potatoes, so that shows you where the Asian Salad sits in the pecking order!)

photo 4Buddy gave us a little resistance at bed time (he emptied his crib within 15 minutes of putting him down).  But alas, a 1 year old doesn’t have much resolve when it comes to fighting sleep – pushovers, those 1 year olds.

Until we meet again.