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Day 111 – A Second Birthday Celebration

Day 111.

I just got back from Chick-fil-A and here’s what I ordered:

photo 3Why just a chocolate milk and a bottled water?  I’ll tell you why – six pieces of pizza, three chocolate chip bars (thanks Janna!), and a piece of Publix Cookies & Cream cake, that’s why. (Remnants of the cake are in the background of the pic.)

Why so much food?  Well, we had a very tiny birthday celebration with some very big appetites. Adopting from Ethiopia has given us the opportunity to meet some of our [now] closest friends, one of whom is the Clements. We have basically followed in their footsteps in regards to adoption, and have forged a friendship that is bonded and sealed in a way that only those who adopt can understand. Will, their Ethiopian son, became a part of their forever family last year, and he turns 2 later this month. So, we did a little duo celebration and Asher got to blow out his second birthday candle of the week. Well, at least he had a second birthday candle to try pick up and put in his mouth (no worries, he’s a professional).

I couldn’t decide whether or not to use the bug eyes pic or the no-flash one, but I really think this one is the better of the two:

photo 1After our celebration it was off to the C-fil-A.  It wasn’t easy to gear up and head out. With all the food, a lack of sleep this week, and the Ohio State game starting, I really wanted to just hang at home. But I manned up and headed out the door for my bottled water, chocolate milk, and 40 minute round trip.

The funny thing is the ladies working the drive-thru tonight were really trying to get me to order something since I wouldn’t be in tomorrow, but I just couldn’t muster the stomach for it.  Here are my servers tonight:

photo 2And now, at precisely 9:52, the Buckeyes are down at half and I’m about down for the count. Seeing as how I ate about 5000 calories tonight, I really should go to bed so I can get up early and run. Or I could stay up late to watch the Buckeyes win and then get up early to run.  Or I could stay up late and not get up early and just risk the 5000 calories going to my hips.

Option 3 it is!