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Day 112 & Day 113 – A Tale of Two Days

Day 112 & Day 113.

You know, it’s pretty amazing the difference a day makes. Day 112 was fraught with multiple “issues,” so much so that I nearly had a melt-down.

Issue #1 – My laptop continues to gain and lose its Wi-Fi connection despite replacing the router, replacing the modem, and doing every diagnostic check available on my actual laptop. I’ve already paid money to a “professional” and while my problems were temporarily fixed, they appear to be unfixed.

Issue #2 – AT&T has decided to stop working in my house. Well, either that or my iPhone has decided to stop working. Why is this bad? Well, when you’re on the phone with the doctor office who doesn’t answer the phone when you call them, you don’t want a disconnection. You also don’t want a disconnection when you’re trying to speak with someone about your laptop issues after having been on hold for 30 minutes. Yes, both of these scenarios came true for yours truly.

Issue #3 – For some reason, little buddy was a bear yesterday, and not the friendly Brown Bear Brown Bear, what do you see? kind of bear. I mean, he was like the first week we had him kind of bear – screaming, all day long. I actually don’t mind the screaming personally. But when you put it on top of the fact that all my technological devices were scrambled eggs, it’s tough. There’s nothing worse than having zero idea of why your boy is so unhappy.  We even went to the pool, which, while giving us a slight respite, did not stop him from busting out some serious crocodile tears once we got home.

However, Day 113 was a completely different story. Asher seemed content today. One thing I’ve learned – transitions are very important to him. For instance, when transitioning to one room of the house to the other, I can’t just set him down. Or if we’re coming in from a run, he wants to be held for a while, even though I’m all hot and sweaty.  And always, always, always get down on the ground with him. If you’re standing, forget about it – he’s crawling up your leg and pulling your shorts down before you even know what hit you!

As proof that today was a better day, here is Exhibit A:

photo 3

Nothing says happiness like spending time with Louie inside his crate and pulling his ears.

This evening we headed out to Honeymoon Island, which, if you live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, you’ve either heard of or been to at least once. It’s consistently one of the top beaches in the nation and our friend, Shelya, from Paisley and Pinstripes Photography, had us there to get baby pictures of Asher. Even though he was a Squirmeda the whole time (Sesame Street reference people), we had a great time and we’re hoping and praying we got just ONE good shot! 🙂 I’m just bummed I didn’t take any pics to share with you.

Actually, I did take this pic of a new car we get to drive and blog about – the Mitsubishi Outlander:

photo 4On the way home we popped into Chick-fil-A, and Liza ordered the Spicy Chicken meal while I opted for a #1 Original Sandwich with provolone cheese added. A lot of the regulars were working the drive-thru tonight:

photo 5

I have to give a shout out to Ryan #2 – he’s very good at taking orders and I have to say, I don’t think he’s ever screwed one up. That’s pretty impressive, and I would be remiss if I didn’t at least publicly acknowledge his commitment to excellence over the Chick-fil-A drive-thru speaker.

I had a #5 12 ct Chicken Nuggets on Day 112, and here’s the proof I was there (newcomer Emily was my server that evening):

photo 1Alas, it’s been a long day, but a good day. I’ve got a ton of work things on my plate and will be up early in the a.m. to complete them, so it’s time for a good night’s rest.

A Tale of Two Days – anyone know the reference?  Anyone? Bueller????