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Day 119 – Asher’s Public Apology (If You Can Call It That)

Day 119.

I wonder how many people have ever tried to do something for 119 days straight – other than breathing, eating, and other certain daily unmentionables that just happen naturally.  Let me be the first to say, it ain’t easy.

I knew it would be tough when I started this blog, and I’m hoping I can stick it out to the end. Not that anyone would blame me for taking a day off (certainly not the Chick-fil-A execs!); it’s not like the world would stop turning or anything. But you know, even simple things like eating Chick-fil-A every day can become metaphors for greater ideas like perseverance or strength or gumption or [insert descriptive noun of choice here].

Actually, it’s not the eating of the Chick-fil-A that’s hard. It’s the blogging about it. Writing out a post every day isn’t as easy as one might think, even if it is stream-of-consciousness. I don’t care if the writing is particularly good, but you don’t want someone to print the blog post out and use it as toilet paper either.

I say all that to say this – it’s a good thing Asher came along and helped me integrate my life with the daily Chick-fil-A meal. (Today was a Spicy Chicken Sandwich meal w/ provolone, a large waffle fries and a chocolate milk, for those of you keeping count.)  He’s given me a lot of material, and for that I’m thankful. Speaking of the little guy, he was an absolute Pistol Pete today. Here is his public apology:

And here is Taylor who served up the Spicy Chicken before coming home to a cranky Asher:

photo 1When I did get home, we had a surprise visitor in our garage. I was hearing this noise in the garage as I was taking Asher out of his trike, and then I heard what sounded like Cheerios falling out on the floor. I was close – it was cat food falling out of a ripped-open Purina bag by the cat from across the street. Since I’m a softie for animals (thanks Liza), I went ahead and put the rest of the food into a container and let the kitty eat.

photo 2

It wasn’t exactly Chick-fil-A, but she seemed thankful nonetheless.