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Day 128 – Cool Weather & Time with My Broham

Day 128.

I’m just in a better mood when the weather turns a little cooler. The air seems a little thinner. The moisture seems a little less.  And I’m a little happier. if I could live anywhere in the US, it would be the mountains. Somehow I ended up in a swamp.

But it’s days like today and yesterday that make the summer swamp-living all worth it. 60-something in the morning, high of around 80, sunshine all day – the way God intended it before man screwed everything up.

Between the weather, hanging with my boy, and seeing my little brother and nephew for the first time in almost a year, today was definitely a good day. My broham will be staying for the next couple of days; he’s the third member of my immediate family to make the trip to Florida in the last month, with the exception of my father and my brother’s twin sister.  She’s in Africa serving at a school with her husband, so I don’t think she’ll be coming to Florida any time soon. All good though.

After I picked up Mike and his son Luke, his first question to me was, “So have you eaten at Chick-fil-A yet today?”  Ha!  I had not, so we headed there and were greeted by a lot of the regulars – Justin, Ryan #2, Emily, to name a few. I ordered a #1 with provolone cheese and a cookies and cream shake, and Mike had a large waffle fries and a cookies and cream shake as well, the perfect ending to a day of traveling from The Lou.

photo 2Mike was feeding Luke some waffle fries and milkshake on the way home. Shhhh….don’t tell Mom. 🙂  (Hey, according to Dad, he definitely earned it.)

photo 3I’m throwing this pic in for kicks and giggles. I took Louie to Grandma’s on the way to pick up my brother and he shook like a leaf the whole time. Then as we pulled up to the guard, he leaped out of my arms and into the back seat in between the car seats. Good grief, Lou. He’s a security guard for a 55+ community not Jason Bourne.

everydaywithchickfilaThat’s all she wrote for this evening. I’m sure tomorrow holds lots of excitement in store.