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Day 133 – All Hallow’s Eve

Day 133.

Halloween. All Hallow’s Eve. A mocking precursor to All Saint’s Day. But all people know about it today is that you dress up and get candy. I’m fine with that. But if you are interested in a quick video (we’re talking under 2 minutes) on the significance of October 31st, I encourage you to watch it HERE.

Of course I must provide you an obligatory “here’s my kid” pic in his costume, so here you go:


Let me just tell you that he hated this experiment of wearing a costume. I have quite a few pictures that demonstrate this hatred, but in an effort to make us not seem like “those” parents, they have remained on the camera for now.

Asher didn’t have the best of days, actually. I think with all the excitement from Uncle Mike and cousin Luke, he’s going through some withdrawals. He’s reverted back to a couple of “orphanage” symptoms just in the past couple of days. It’s disappointing, but we’ll just keep at it, love on him, and continue to work towards attachment and wholeness (whatever that means for Asher!).

He was probably on his best behavior for the day as we went out and did errands.  First stop?  To visit Colby and Sandra (and Joyce). #5 12-ct, large fries, and a bottled water was on the menu.

photo 2Then it was off to Dunkin Donuts to pick up a coffee for mama. Let’s be honest, it was for dadda too. We then deposited some checks at the bank, and hit up Publix for some needed organic dairy products, the eggs of which I promptly dropped on the kitchen floor when I came home.  When you’re paying 50 cents per egg, that’s a heart-breaker.

Liza’s out giving out candy as we speak. Ever since we moved in, we sit out in the driveway with our neighbors and hand out candy and eat chili. Being on Asher-duty, however, means I’m inside after giving the boy a bath and putting him to bed. Now it’s Miami/Cincy on the NFL network and looking forward to eating the leftover candy.

Speaking of…