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Day 140 – A Painted Canvas, Good Conversation, & Fearless Son

Day 140.

This was my view this morning when I headed out early to meet a friend for some Chick-fil-A breakfast.  Yes, it’s got that doing-50-sideway-shot-classic-iphone blur going on, but you get the point. It was a beautiful sunrise this morning, the kind of picturesque scene that brings out the existentialist in us all, and for me, had me thanking God for revealing Himself in nature.

No one looks at a painted canvas, however arranged, and thinks a bunch of paint cans got steamrolled by hurricane force wind only to find their contents colorfully and randomly dotting the canvas in eye-catching brilliance, detail, and nuance.  We always assume there was a painter involved. We never think an intelligent agent was absent in the process, despite not seeing any actual painting being done.

So when I see a canvas as breath-taking as the one I saw this morning, well…it inspires my imagination to know who the Painter was.  That, and it gets me stoked for some Chick-fil-A breakfast!

photo 1

Actually, I was already stoked before seeing God’s masterpiece. I was meeting my friend Jim to discuss our 2014 Man Up Missions vision as we plan for our trips to Africa. Jim was an integral part to last year’s trip and I’m hopeful he’ll be with us again in some capacity next summer.

I gave him one of my free meal cards and he enjoyed his first Chick-fil-A breakfast ever, and I enjoyed my (I’ve lost count) #7 Multi-grain Bagel Sandwich meal.   Here’s a shot of Jim and our server Phyllis this morning – I love both these people! We had a great conversation and I’m looking forward already to our next Man Up trip.

photo 2

The rest of my Friday was a typical Friday, but I do have to tell you about one more super cool thing. So I took Asher to the big park in our neighborhood and we practiced walking, swinging, climbing, and most importantly, sliding.  Now I have to tell you, I have nothing to do with his penchant for going head first down slides, but today he went down all three slides at the park on his own, including the big daddy of them all.

As you can see from my below picture, it’s a pretty impressive feat. Obviously this is drawn perfectly to scale (the stick figure is supposed to be Asher, not me).


Liza isn’t crazy about him going down slides, but that’s one reason every son needs a father – we allow for a little risk, and that’s important. You need to see what you can actually do without the restraints of mom sometimes. Sure, he’ll bust his head a few times, but he does that whether I’m hovering over him or not! I just love his fearlessness, and I can’t wait to see what trick he’s got up his sleeve tomorrow.

See you then.