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Day 151 – Asher’s First Trip to the Zoo

Day 151.

After Liza, Asher and I rolled through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru today and picked up a #3 Spicy Chicken Sandwich combo with a large Coke and fries, and had a good laugh with Colby and Sandy (and the gal in the middle whose name slips my mind), my wife turned to me, looked at me somewhat sheepishly, and said, “You’re going to really miss this when it’s over, aren’t you?”

photo 1You know what? I am. I’m not going to miss blogging about it every day. Not that I don’t like blogging and writing – I actually love it – but when you have to do it every day, well, I’m sure you can imagine how monotonous that can get.   And it’s not about the food – I actually haven’t got sick of the food. But let’s think about the time commitment – 20 minutes driving there, 20 minutes back, then at least another 20-25 minutes to write the post….at the end of the day….when you’re tired…..and all you want to do is go to bed, so it’s like amplified by a factor of incalculable.

But, I really do love seeing the people there. I certainly have come to call many of them “friends,” and for that, the experience has been a winner-winner-chicken-dinner.  Yes, pun totally intended.

So where was the family headed today at 2:30 in the afternoon as we downed our CFA? To the ZOO!  Yup, this was Asher’s first time to the zoo, and while we were disappointed there were no lions, he did get to see giraffes, elephants (including a baby one), rhinos, tigers, a swimming bear, monkeys, orangutangs, and lots of “tweet tweets.”  Not only that, but we got to see a leopard in the Asian exhibit jump about 20 feet to pounce on a wild squirrel that had made its way unsuspectingly into the display area. At the time of this writing, that squirrel’s existence is very much in question. It’s hard to tell from this pic below, but if you look closely, you can see the squirrel hanging out of each side of that leopard’s mouth. Man, the circle of life right in front of us. Liza got a little squeamish so she had to step away and head on over to the rhinos.  Asher was probably trying to eat a leaf so I’m sure he didn’t pick up on it.  But I did, and it was awesome.

everydaywithchickfilaHere’s the rest of our trip. Asher was about as interested in the animals as he was the wooden posts that caged them in (seriously dude, do you have to try and eat each post? I’m pretty sure they all taste the same).

photo 2(Safari Africa was our first destination – obviously)


(Hanging out with the giraffes and elephants)

photo 3

(Runaway baby near the rhinos exhibit)

photo 2

(I’ll put Asher’s ability to point out an airplane against any other 13 month old)


(The orangutangs and monkeys were pretty sweet – not that Asher noticed)


(First shoulder ride – he didn’t like it or anything)


(A Day of Firsts – First Family Zoo Photo)
(Haha – great one to end on, my little African ranger)