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Day 157 & Day 158 – Thanksgiving & Black Friday Weekend

**This has not been proofread. Reader beware.

Day 157 & Day 158.

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged, and in “Every Day with Chick-fil-A years,” it has. Last Wednesday was the last day. Now it’s Sunday.

Why? Let me count the reasons:

1) Thanksgiving – CFA is closed.

2) Black Friday – it’s our biggest day of the year; we were up at 5:30 a.m. and worked for nearly 18 hours straight. I did, however, find time to sneak in a #5 w/ Grilled Nuggets and a Peppermint Chocolate Chip when I wen out to pick up Asher at Grandma’s. (Side note – his first afternoon away from us was a success!) Day 157 in the books. Thanks fellas.

photo 33) Sunday – CFA is closed.

With that cacophonous cocktail of roadblocks, alas, here I sit – four days since my last blog.

For the record, time is of the essence even this evening, so just know I scored a 6-pk of cookies on Day 158, thanks to my new friend at the Chick-fil-A in Gulf View Square Mall:

photo 4Although since it was Asher’s first Thanksgiving with us in the States, I should at least post a few pics.

photo 1Thanksgiving day was very cold

everydaywithchickfilaWe ran the First Ford Family Turkey Trot – we were all bundled up; Asher won.

everydaywithchickfila1Braving the cold

everydaywithchickfila2Baby’s 1st Thanksgiving – at least in the U.S.A.

photo 4Asher loves his momma, his blankie, and Thanksgiving food.