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Day 18 – Working My Way thru the Menu: #1 Original Chicken Sandwich Meal

I arrived in the United States this past Saturday night (late); today is Wednesday.  Today is the first day I’ve felt normal. Whether it was the jet lag or the Ethiopian runs – more than likely both – I was just not up to snuff these past couple of days. There’s nothing worse than not feeling good either, am I right people?

So today I was up before 6, had my morning coffee and quiet time, was blogging before 8, and was hitting my grove. The nice thing about being in Africa for three weeks is that you come to appreciate the monotony of this cushy American life we live.  Let me count the ways:

1) I can turn on any faucet at any time and water comes out. I don’t have to do this:

everydaywithchickfila2But seriously, how great is that kid’s smile?

2) I don’t have to look at raw sewage because we have underground plumbing. I don’t have to see this as my commonplace every day street:


3) I can eat whatever I want.  I don’t have to eat anjera every day, like this lady is making (think sour pancake which serves as a spoon for whatever else you can find to eat):


No, when living in America, I can actually have an Every Day with Chick-fil-A date and enjoy a Chick-fil-A Original Chicken Sandwich meal like I did today, complete with a large waffle fries and large Spite (to settle the tummy just in case). Of course there are other reasons, but you get the idea. Living in the United States is such a privilege, and all you have to do is step outside of it for two freaking seconds and reality smacks you in the face – “Most of the world doesn’t live in luxury like you do, schmuck.”

That’s why I am so very grateful to have this opportunity to eat Chick-fil-A every day for the rest of this year. Some may think it’s overkill to eat there every day, and I understand their concerns. I consider it good stewardship. I have a VIP card that gives me free Chick-fil-A every day.  That means one of my meals is paid for each day.  If the average meals costs $5 (which, let’s be honest, it’s always more than that), and I’m eating a Chick-fil-A for 200 days this year, I don’t even need to get a calculator to know I just saved $1000 out my own pocket.

Now on to my Chick-fil-A lunch today, which was had at 3 pm at the Trinity Chick-fil-A.  Can we just say home base from now on?  Obviously it’s my go-to spot.

I decided it would be good idea to roll through all the menu items, one by one, to give each one its fair share of the limelight (since there are soooooo many people checking out this blog). I’ll start with the lunch/dinner items and then move to the breakfast ones.

Today’s Menu Item – #1, Original Chicken Sandwich, Large Waffle Fries, and Large Sprite


Chick-fil-A Original Chicken Sandwich Description: A boneless breast of chicken seasoned to perfection, hand-breaded, pressure cooked in 100% refined peanut oil and served on a toasted, buttered bun with dill pickle chips. Also available on a Golden Wheat bun.

Normal Cost for the entire meal: $6.62

Nutrition for the Sandwich:
440 Calories
18g Fat
2g Fiber
5g Sugars
28g Protein

Nutrition for the Waffle Fries:
520 Calories
27g Fat
5g Fiber
0g Sugars
6g Protein

Nutrition for the Sprite:
170 Calories
0g Fat
0g Fiber
47g Sugars
0g Protein

Nutrition for the Chick-fil-A Sauce:
140 Calories
13g Fat
0g Fiber
6g Sugars
0g Protein

So if I ate every single piece of food, used all the sauce (which, quite frankly, would be worth every calorie), drank all the drink, then I would be looking at 1270 calories, or 64% of my daily allotment. But you have to figure you don’t each every last crumb or drink every last drink or slurp every last drip of sauce (well, maybe the sauce can stand).  In any case, I’m thinking a 10% margin of error is pretty reasonable, so let’s put the calorie count at 1143 instead, or 57%.  Still, not a bad number for one meal, and you don’t have to get a large like I did.

My server today was Kelsey (I think); she seemed a little embarrassed to take the pic, so thanks for being a good sport and playing along if you ever read this blog, Kelsey. She was kind and courteous, as all of the employees have been at the Trinity Chick-fil-A.


As for value of the #1 Original Chicken Sandwich meal? Well, it’s been my Chick-fil-A fave for many years, so I’m not exactly a bastion of journalistic impartiality now am I? Let’s just say this. Even without my VIP card, I’d be putting my stamp of approval all over this American classic.

Final Every Day Rating – 10 out of 10

Was there any doubt?