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Day 27 – Working My Way thru the Menu: #10 Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap Meal


Day 27.

The star of today’s Every Day with Chick-fil-A definitely has to be the woman pictured above, Amy H., just to the right of my wife. She and her husband Kurt invited us and a number of other families who have adopted from or are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia over to their house for a gathering of like-minded souls. They are some of the most gracious people you’ll meet, and have encouraged us a great deal in our own adoption journey. They adopted their son Joseph a few years ago from Ethiopia and have really helped to spearhead bringing together adoptive families with native Ethiopians to help build relationships and bridge the gap between two cultures.


Among the folks there were the Clements, pictured above with their son Will and daughter Kylie, who are are dear friends of ours, and one of the reasons we decided to adopt from Ethiopia. They just brought Will home last October after just having Kylie only a couple months earlier. With adoption, you just never know how long the process will take and whether or not you’ll have a biological child in the process!


Above you can see our friend Nate introducing his Ethiopian daughter Grace to our Ethiopian friend Solomon, and they were able to speak to one another in Amharic, the main language of Ethiopia (there are over 80 different tribal languages in addition to Amharic). Nate and his wife Desiree just brought Grace home from Ethiopia, and she is just awesome! So kind, and has assimilated so well into American culture. Meeting other Ethiopians can only help.

So of course in the process of our get together, my buddy Jason brings up the fact that I have this Chick-fil-A VIP card and asks if I’ve been yet. “No,” I reply, “Going to hit it up on the way home so I can get a vanilla shake with my meal!” Great idea, right?

Ideas don’t always pan out, though, do they.


My server tonight could tell you all about how I forgot to order a vanilla shake and ordered a Sprite instead with my Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap meal with a side salad. Son of a bee sting (Shoot Christians Say) if I don’t remember her name! I can’t even zoom in my iPhone enough to get it off her name badge. Lauren? Megan? Man, I’m such an idiot. I do know Ryan was there, but he ducked out of the picture. Dude, next time stay in it!

Anyhow, I feel bad because this was the first time I’ve had her as a server. I’ll get it next time ma’am! But equally as tragic as not remembering her name was not getting my vanilla shake! I was having a serious craving for that perfect combination of smoothness and flavor that is the Chick-fil-A Vanilla Shake, but I got all flustered when ordering my meal. See, I had just eaten quite a bit at our Ethiopian shindig, so I was going to skip the #10 and go with the soup and salad combo of a #11. Alas, they were out of soup! In my unpreparedness I ordered a Sprite when I had to backpedal into a Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap. Ugh. Speaking of not being cool under pressure.


So, a Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap it was, which according to Chick-fil-A’s website is: Grilled and sliced chicken breast, nestled in a fresh mix of Green Leaf lettuce with shredded red cabbage and carrots and a blend of shredded Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses, tightly rolled in a flaxseed flour flat bread. Made fresh daily. Served with Avocado Lime Ranch dressing (or guest’s choice of dressing).

Total Cost: $9.08 (not sure if the side salad boosted the cost or not???)

Nutritional Content of the Wrap, a side salad, a Sprite and the dressing:
840 Calories
49g Fat
12g Saturated Fat
0g Trans Fat
105mg Cholesterol
1630mg Sodium
72g Carbohydrates
18g Fiber
43g Sugar
44g Protein

Actually the biggest component of calories and fat in this meal is the Avocado Lime Ranch Dressing, which is just out of this world good. But if you go with one of the low-fat or fat-free, this meal would be down in the 600’s calorie wise, which isn’t bad at all.

Truthfully, the Grilled Chicken Wrap isn’t my favorite thing on the menu, but I do feel good eating it, especially with the Avocado dressing. But really, don’t you want to save a little more in the calorie department if you’re going to go grilled wrap instead of fried?

Final Every Day Rating: In light of the dressing dilemma (and because I just really wanted a shake and got flustered when they were out of soup at 8:40 at night – who could blame them I suppose?), I’m giving this trip a 7 out of 10. The wrap is a little bland without the dressing, but the dressing carries so many empty calories with it. Plus, it’s almost $10.00. I’m all for eating healthy, but that’s a little steep.  Well, not for me with my VIP Black Card, but I think you’re mowing what I’m growing.

See you Monday kids. Have a great Rest Day tomorrow!