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Day 3 – Louie’s First Trip to Chick-fil-A

Day 3.

Day 3 is all about my dog, Luigi. Or Louie. Or Lou. Or Weege. Or Weeginator. Or Loueeeeeginator. Liza calls him Lulu, but I don’t except in a moment of forgetfulness. Any way you put it, Louie is the star of Day 3’s visit to Chick-fil-A.

I thought it would be a good idea to have a companion on some of these trips. After all, if I have over 200 more of these for the rest of the year, I’m going to need some company.

I won’t give the video away, but here’s the thing about Lou – he epitomizes the idiom, “His bark is bigger than his bite.” He’s also not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but by the end of this magical year, Louie’s going to know how to answer the question, “Do you wanna go to Chick-fil-a?”, even if he just stares at me dumbly for the next couple of weeks. He’ll get it.

You’ll see from this video blog that Louie is the star of the show, and if you don’t care to watch his star rise, I’ve put the trip ticker below.

Day 3 Stats

  • Location:
    3246 Little Road
    Trinity, FL 34655

    (727) 834-8880

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Time of Visit: 1:30 pm

Meal Choice: Today I went with my personal fav, the Original Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich. In case you were wondering, here’s the nutritional value of this bad boy:

  • 440 Calories
  • 18g Fat
  • 2g Fiber
  • 5g Sugars
  • 28g Protein

If you ask me, which, admittedly, you haven’t, but if you did, I’d tell you that this is a pretty decent stat line for something with that much taste.  Now I did have a waffle fry and Arnie Palmer Ice Tea, but I didn’t eat the bread from the sandwich. So that had to save me some calories and carbs right there. I wonder if you can have it without the bread?  **Note to self for next time.

Staff: Still forgot to get the gal’s name.  She was definitely weirded out by the iPhone in her face, but I was off my game too since I forgot to get anyone’s name.  The good news is the same manager was there as was there last night, and if you watch the video, you’ll see she’s a dog lover.  Translation: trustworthy.  If you don’t love dogs, you deserve to be sniffed. Like a dog would. And then be faced with a menacing, intimidating growl. Okay I’m done with this analogy.

Did you know?: The human head weighs 8 pounds? Just thought a Jerry Maguire reference was appropriate, that’s all.

Trip highlight: Well, I think this one’s pretty obvious. I got free Chik-fil-A for the third day in a row!  But beyond that, I got to share it with man’s best friend. For the record, I did share some of my waffle fries with Lou, but just one. He’s really more of a dog food kind of dog. In fact, he really just licked the salt off so I ate the rest of it. Kidding!

Or am I?