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Day 39 – In Royal Palm Beach with the Family

Day 39.

Here’s how you can tell a man really loves Chick-fil-A. He has a VIP card that is only good in counties directly touching the Tampa area, and yet when visiting his brother-in-law and wife in Royal Palm Beach, he still goes to Chick-fil-A and pays full price!

Admittedly, it drove my wife a little nuts, but I felt it was my duty to pay the Cathy family back just slightly for all they’ve done for us.  So after a leisurely morning together with banana bread and percolated coffee, we headed over with James and Genesis and broke a different kind of bread together.  Here they are:


Since I’ve been going through the Chick-fil-A breakfast menu item by item recently, I took yesterday and today as brief respites while visiting family down here in Royal Palm Beach. As such, I went with one of my personal favorites, the Chick-fil-A® Cobb Salad.


It’s always fun to meet a server or Chick-fil-A employee for the first time as they hear about Every Day with Chick-fil-A. Lots of interest, lots of questions, and as far as I can tell, it’s genuine. At least I felt my server today, Krystelle, was.  Here she is:


What’s funny is that my brother-in-law was giving me a hard time for knowing my way around a Chick-fil-A. (And I do. Proudly.)  But I find it ironic that he’s giving me a hard time when he’s got Peking ducks he’s named Fluffernutter and Marshmallow and daily feeds them from the palm of his hands on his back porch patio.


I realize this post has been pretty disjointed but I hope you can pardon my incoherence.  I’m with family, got a full belly of On the Border enchiladas and empanadas clouding my judgment, and I’m right in the middle of this movie People Like Us. Weird.  But engaging.

So I’m going to go watch that. See you Monday.