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Day 41 – Working My Way thru the Menu: #8 Multigrain Oatmeal & Fruit Cup

Day 41.

If I thought Day 40 was monumental, I was seriously counting my chickens before they hatched. But seriously folks, this is much more important than trite cliches! Day 41 produced an Every Day with Chick-fil-A first: I have no server to whom I may give credit for waiting on me today, because she (or he) would not allow me to take a picture.

Now, initially I was aghast. This is my local Trinity Chick-fil-A we’re talking about. I’ve eaten there probably two-thirds of my 40 days. 40 straight days of Chick-fil-A server greatness, captured in all their iPhone 4 glory, and now the streak had come to an end. But that’s just it. There’s no “streak” here; there are people. And just as I enjoy going to Chick-fil-A because of the unique attention and special service they give me, so too, do I need to return the favor. If my server ends up reading this, I want her (or him) to know it’s all good.

So while I’m disappointed that I couldn’t make a pictorial memory of my Chick-fil-A friend from Day 41’s visit, I respect her (or him) just the same. I always ask permission to photograph, and while most end up giving in (some rather willingly), there was bound to be someone who said ‘no.’ And that’s okay.

Now if I’m being honest, which is always a good place to start, the fact that I couldn’t take a picture of my server was compounded by the breakfast menu option that was waiting for its consumption by me this morning. I have finally reached the end of the numbered meals on the breakfast menu, and today’s lucky winner was a #8 Multigrain Oatmeal with Fruit Cup meal.


Okay, so I was a little bummed about eating the “healthy” option on the board, but when you’re a world-renowned food critic such as myself, it’s important to try all the availabilities, not just your personal faves. And like always, I have to say, I was presently surprised about the oatmeal!


As you can see from the pic, the oatmeal isn’t your typical gray soupy snot in a bowl. Brown sugar, walnuts and almonds give it sweetness and crunch, which can only enhance flaxed oatmeal, let’s be honest here.  Chick-fil-A officially describes their Multigrain Oatmeal as: Warm & wholesome, our multigrain, steel-cut oatmeal is first slow-cooked in kettles the old-fashioned way. Anything but dry and instant, our hearty oatmeal has flax, whole wheat and buckwheat. Tasty toppings include cinnamon brown sugar, roasted mixed nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts) and dried fruit blend (cranberries, blueberries, golden raisins, cherries).

Cost $5.46

Nutritional Content of the Multigrain Oatmeal, Fruit Cup, and coffee:
275 Calories
3g Fat
0g Saturated Fat
0g Trans Fat
0mg Cholesterol
60mg Sodium
62g Carbohydrates
7g Fiber
32g Sugar
0g Protein

Now I have to say, I am completely surprised that there is no protein in the oatmeal! After doing a little research, it’s not that there’s zero protein, but not even enough to round up to 1 g. Guess you’ll have to stick with the chicken if it’s protein that you want.  However, the rest of those numbers are nice, aren’t they? No cholesterol, under 300 calories, and 7 g of fiber!  Just typing it out makes me think about running to the John. I’m kidding. Or am I?

Final Every Day Rating: 9 out of 10.  I’m giving this high rating because not only is it healthy, it’s hearty as well. I felt just as satisfied (from a hunger point of view) after  this meal as I did for each of the meals #1-7.  Quite frankly, it tasted pretty good too, and it was nice and hot.  Would I order it again if I wasn’t eating there every day?  Um, no. But that’s just me. If I’m going to Chick-fil-A, I’m gonna eat mor chikin.  But those who are dedicated to watching the waistline while they watch their children scarf down the good stuff, I find this to be a good option.