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Day 49 – Liza, Cheers Theme Song Remembrance & a Possible Coke Addiction Brewing

Day 49.


I am one day shy of having Chick-fil-A, every single day (minus Africa days), for 50 days straight. It’s rather unbelievable, is it not? I mean seriously, think to yourself right now…”What would it be like to have Chick-fil-A for 49 days in a row? Hmmmmmm……”

Some of you are jumping with visionary joy over the prospect of biting into those deliciously prepared chicken sandwiches for lunch or dinner eaach day. But I best most of you are thinking, “Yeah, I don’t think I could do that.”

Now stay in that imaginary place with me for a few more seconds and picture this – you have 31 days in August, 30 days in September, 31 days in October, 30 days in November, and 31 days in December, each and every one of them, all 153, softly whispering, nay, beckoning for you to come out, one more time, and have a free piece of chicken….and then blog about it.

Yup, that’s my world.

But it’s all good, and I’m having a blast. Tonight’s run was fun for a couple reasons:

1) As you can see from the above pic, I got Liza to traipse out into the rain with me this evening, and it is always my pleasure (see what I did there?) to have her at Chick-fil-A with me. We had a late lunch again so I went with a lighter option tonight – #9 Chick-fil-A® Chicken Salad Sandwich meal with waffle fries and a Coke. I think I might be going down a dark, lonely road with the Cokes, however. Lately I’ve noticed a certain franticness as I get closer and closer to my Trinity Chick-fil-A, thinking about that sweet carbonation and how it will lift me into realms unknown. I realize that’s dramatic language, but this could be a dramatic situation. Granted, I don’t drink soda at any other time or at any other place….only Chick-fil-A. Why could this be? Am I Pavlov’s dog? When someone says “Dan Cathy” or “Eat mor chickin,” does my mouth start watering; do I get the shakes, even if they’re just mental? Must examine this more.

2) The second reason tonight’s run was a good one is below:


On the left is Sydney, on the right is Megan – standby’s at my Trinity Chick-fil-A and I don’t even need to see their nametags to know their names. Ryan is just to the right of Megan, so it was like a Cheers theme song tonight at a place where everyone knows your name. Well, at least I knew theirs. It’s a fun bunch, and they’re always kind and gracious and quick with service – everything you want in your local Chick-fil-A.

Which brings up an interesting point…how well do you know your favorite Chick-fil-A employees?  Do you see them as individuals or faceless, nameless cashiers and drive-thru workers?  Do you acknowledge they have lives outside of Chick-fil-A with unique sets of problems and emotional baggage that may be weighing heavy on their minds at any given time?  Or do you just want your freaking Spicy Chicken Sandwich so you can stuff it down your piehole and yell at a passer-by trying to get to her car as you’re trying to open up that amazing Chick-fil-A sauce in such a frenzied hurry?  (In your defense, I’m always opening up that blessed Chick-fil-A sauce pretty quickly as well.)

Anyhow, certainly something to consider.  One of my favorite parts about this experience is getting to know the staff by name. Hopefully they feel the same??? I mean, it’s not hard, it’s right on the VIP Black Card. 😉