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Day 50 – My Chick-fil-A Quinquagenary

Day 50.


As you can tell, Day 50’s visit was completely packed. No kidding. I drove around the parking lot and every single spot was taken, and the drive-thru went quite literally around the building, as you can see. I’m telling you, there is no busier restaurant in all of America than a Chick-fil-A at lunch time. Gotta be a good sign.

In a move of solidarity with my friends behind the counter, I decided to go in today and order face to face. Primarily because I figured it had to be quicker than the drive-thru, even if I had to park in the lot across the street.

Nick was my guy today:


My purchase? A #2 Chick-fil-A® Deluxe Chicken Sandwich with no rabbit food and provolone cheese, waffle fries, and a large Coke. (I know, the Cokes are getting out of control.) But seriously, today’s sandwich was probably the best I’ve had yet. I’ve got a serious man crush on Chick-fil-A’s provolone cheese. Dude, it is so good.

I took my Chick-fil-A and headed over to Trinity College where I had a Strategic Planning Meeting as a board member for the CS Lewis Society. Here is evidence I was there, eating a leisurely lunch outside:


Had a great meeting with Dr Tom Woodward and some of the other board members about the direction, vision, and mission of the Society.  Here’s Tom talking with Dr. Bargerhuff about an apologetics camp we’re thinking of putting together next summer:


After this, home, more Addicted to Saving work, and call it a day. A very low key Day 50, but a good one nonetheless.