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Day 51 – Marcus & Me

Day 51.

Today was definitely a good day. I was able to actually relax this morning with a coffee and the book of Philippians before putting in some website work for a few hours.  Liza is getting ready leave for Ethiopia and I’m definitely starting to get a little bummed. I’m happy for our little guy because he’ll be out of the orphanage for good.  But sad for me because I’ll have to bachelor pad it up, which only sounds good when you’re young and idiotic, not when you actually care about people other than yourself.

So in an effort to get the house in order for our son, if you’ve followed the journey at all, you know I’ve been commissioned to tile the bathroom floor.  Have I ever tiled?  Negative. But with the help of a knowledgeable friend and the fine friends at YouTube, I was able to lay the floor last week and lay the grout today. I’m happy to say that I’m one step closer to finishing this bathroom:


Finished up and was off to my local Trinity Chick-fil-A where I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Marcus for the first time as my server:


Now I don’t know Marcus, but in our brief 2 minute exchange, I get the sense that he’s a lot like I was. Probably a good student, excels at sports, but may be a little cocksure. I like Marcus. He reminds me of myself. But let’s just hope he doesn’t allow overconfidence to bring him low. As the Proverb says, “Pride cometh before a fall.”  I mean, look at that smile?  Very charming guy – ladies, watch out; Marcus, treat ’em right.

Don’t you just love how I come out and judge a man the first time I meet him? Listen, each of us make judgments every day, all the time, and provided we don’t harbor animosity or prejudice when we do so, I find no problem with it. It’s wise of us to give people the benefit of the doubt, while at the same time guarding our consciences so as to not get taken for a ride. That’s all I’m going here with Marcus…and I think he’ll thank me for it next time I see him.

The other especially good news is that my guy Ryan was working the intercom, and you can see his slight photobomb as he’s making what appears to be a dairy delicacy. He didn’t recognize me over the intercom but I think he’s close. Good dude, Ryan.

My meal today? #8. As mentioned previously, I am on a provolone cheese kick, and went with a grilled chicken club particularly for the cheese.


Oh, and can you tell what that plastic thing is in the bottom left hand corner with a green top? Yeah, that’s water. Broke my Coke almost-addiction.  Who’s the man….

I suppose I should put the breaks on with my confidence there huh?  Don’t want to be construed as cocksure.  😉