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Day 55 – Momma & Son Together Forever While Dad Enjoys the Comforts of Home

everydaywithchickfilaDay 55.

So this is my son in his Ethiopian crib. Now what’s crazy about this picture, which is the latest update, is what he’s wearing. No, I’m not talking about the green and blue striped socks.  I’m talking about the animal printed on his shirt.  His name is “Terefe” in Amharic, the main language of Ethiopia, and my wife has called him Baby T in all her blog posts.  I, however, have called him T-Rex.  Look what is on his freaking shirt!  A T-Rex!  And look at his smile – he loves it.  I just think that’s the coolest ever. But I am easily amused.  Baby T-Rex. Love that kid.

This is just the beginning though. If you watched my vlog yesterday, you realize that my wife has left me to travel 7000 miles away to be with this cute round of Ethiopian mound. Seriously, the dude is a chunker. He’s not hurting for any girth, that’s for sure. Well today I finally heard from her, and while she is completely exhausted, she has been reunited with our son.  Only this time, it’s forever.

They talk about a “gotcha day” in the adoption world; you can figure it out.  It’s the day you “gotcha” son or daughter. So while she can’t bring him home just yet, today was kind of like Liza’s gotcha day with our son.   I was so happy when she emailed me this pic this morning:

everydaywithchickfila1Haha.  Just looking at those chubby cheeks makes me chuckle.  I love that he’s got his dad’s haircut too. Makes me feel included in the family even though I’m not there. They had to shave it last time because of who knows what may’ve been growing in his or one of the other 50 kids at his foster home.   No matter.  He’s with momma now, even though 14, 15, 16 years from now, if he’s anything like his old man, he’ll hate our guts and scream and yell and wonder why we ever took him from Ethiopia in the first place.  And then we’ll make our trip back to show him why.

Actually, I hope we go before he’s a teenager.  In fact, I wish every child in America would visit a third world country before they graduate high school.  When you visit a place like Ethiopia, it’s easy to see that losing your iPhone is a very first world problem indeed. And yet the people there are warm and friendly, gracious and kind.  In many ways, it’s easier to live there.

Until you do.  And then you long for home.  And for things like, you guessed it….Chick-fil-A.

How’s that for a transition?

I got the Asian Salad again tonight, and might go for the trifecta tomorrow.  I’m really digging that honey sesame dressing!


And my trip to the fil-A was fun too. Check out Megan and the photobombers…probably one of the best server pics yet!


So today was a really good day. I’m sad knowing that there’s nothing that I can do for my family. When things get hard I can’t just immediately console my wife, or take my son from her for a while, or let her go for a jog to clear her head, or anything like that.  But I’m really, really happy knowing that my son has his forever momma at his beck and call, and she will never, ever, ever fail to answer.  That brings me great joy.