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Day 59 – One Word: Mocha-Cookies-&-Cream-Milkshake

Day 59.

Well, it’s been another long day, so it’s going to be another short post.  Since Liza is in Ethiopia and we’re going to have a child in the house, I got a bunch of honey-do’s to get done before she gets here. So in addition to running Addicted to Saving while she’s gone, every other spare minute is devoted towards making the house nice. And since I’m not exactly a proficient honey-doer, the list gets even longer just because of my incompetence.

Fortunately I have some good friends that help me out, and are patient when I act like an utter fool. (Thanks Jake.)

My Chick-fil-A runs each day are nice because they force me to get out of the house and clear my head.  Plus, free Chick-fil-A.

Highlight of today has to be my first taste of the new Mocha Cookies & Cream Milkshake. Re. Dick. U. Lus. Worth every one of those 660 calories I consumed, imho.  I did run 3 miles in the hot Florida 2 p.m. sun (worst ever or dumbest ever, can’t decide), so I earned it.  This is me enjoying a sweet sip (note the eyes on the road; safety first).

In addition to the milkshake (which was consumed by drive’s end), I went back to the well with the Asian Chicken Salad again. Something about those wontons and sweet honey sesame dressing that has me coming back for more.

Met a new worker today at the drive-thru window.  I think her name is Kayleigh, which I’m assuming is pronounced (Kay-lee)?  Welcome to the Every Day with Chick-fil-A family, Kayleigh:

everydaywithchickfila1As for an update on our adoption, I think I promised you one yesterday which is this – the finder of our son has been scheduled to meet with the US Embassy on August 15th. This is excellent news. Of course we want him to be there yesterday, but with a date in sight, it helps keep us out of limbo land.

However, I’m still in a sort of limbo land right now because I haven’t spoken with my wife since Sunday, so I’m super bummed. #lifeinafrica

Hopefully the interent/electricity/modern conveniences come back around soon. I sure miss that woman.