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Day 62 – Marcus & Me Redux

Day 62.

I’m going to jump to the chase, because it’s late (surprise, surprise).  I had a #2 Chick-fil-A Chicken Deluxe Sandwich this evening, famished after another long day of working. I even got 9+ miles in on the bike, which made me hungry for a hearty sandwich (and it was tasty). I also scored my second Mocha Cookies & Cream Shake of the week, and since my buddy Jake was with me again tonight, he had one on my recommendation.

He was glad he did.

Alexis was my server for the second time this week, and Michael was on the intercom.  Michael did a great job getting my order right, as I was a tad indecisive on my order – nice work Michael.


Now the interesting thing tonight was that Marcus was working. You remember Marcus. Day 51. I even titled my post, “Marcus and Me.”  In my post, I was actually complimentary of Marcus in general.  But he admitted to me tonight that he felt I was unfair in my post, as I did offer some constructive criticism, but he didn’t take it as such.

To be fair, I was making a 2 minute judgment, and I admitted as much in my blog. And I’ll say it again. I like Marcus. I like the fact that this evening he voiced his opinion to me and wasn’t afraid to do so. Also to be fair, I could be wrong. So Marcus, next time I’m in for a sit down inside the restaurant and you’re working, maybe you can take a break and I invite you to share a meal with me and give me your opinion on the issue.  After reading Day 51’s post again, I still stand by the post. I admit I could very well be wrong, however. I’d love to talk it over with you.

Well, I’m 8 minutes shy of midnight, and it’s time for bed. Now 7, because I just watched a sweet catch by a Raiders’ receiver in their preseason game against the Cowboys and was distracted for a sec. Now 6. Okay, good night all.