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Day 64 – Meatloaf, Mom-in-Law, & a Mocha Shake

Day 64.

Well, another day, another dollar. And by dollar, I mean all the world’s dollars wouldn’t have made today any less busy or stressful. Hmmmm. Take that back. I could probably be bought out for, oh, say a couple thousand. At least for one day anyway. I’m pretty cheap like that.

One time I was golfing with some friends and there was a swampy looking pool of slime mixed with some water, clearly infested with the worst kinds of snakes and alligators Florida has to offer, and yet I said I’d swim across and back for just $500. Some of the guys wouldn’t put a price tag on losing a limb – obviously I don’t value these hands that type these blogs enough.

At any rate, today’s trip was a first of sorts, because while I did at least go to Chick-fil-A, it was the first time I did not consume a meal. Today was all about the Mocha Cookies & Cream Shake. Why, inquiring minds want to know? Because my mother-in-law paid me a visit in my wife’s absence to aid me in my quest to make our home an oasis of sorts for Liza when she returns from Africa. I don’t want it to be cluttered or dirty, and my mother-in-law is an excellent organizer and cleaner. I’m a decent cleaner, but organization is not a personal strong suit, so I’m happy to have her help.

And like any good mother-in-law, she made dinner too – meatloaf, baked potatoes, and green beans. As a midwest kid, how could I deny myself meat and potatoes? Delicious too. So I thought tonight I’d treat myself not just to the delicacy that is the Mocha Cookies & Cream shake, but a large Cookies and Cream mocha shake.  Living on the wild side, folks.  No whip though, as there are a lot of empty calories in the whip cream. (I know, like the calories in the rest of the shake are somehow not empty.)

Servers tonight were Kelsey and another gal who I know I should know, but darnit if her name tag isn’t revealing her name.  They were working a busy drive thru tonight with some quickness, so nice work ladies:

everydaywithchickfilaAnd now, I give you my “Yeah, I know I’m a dweeb but I’ve got a free large Mocha Chick-fil-A shake” face:

everydaywithchickfila1Ah, the blog selfie. It’s all the rage.

We are such narcissists, aren’t we?

That’s all I got tonight folks. Was up at 5 this morning working, so looking for some serious REM sleep tonight.