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Day 69 – Breakfast from Heaven (It’s Hard to Imagine Heaven Improving on Today’s Breakfast, Actually, Even though I Know it WILL Improve)

Day 69.

This was an unexpected delight today. I was up early this morning for a 7 a.m. bike ride with my buddy Jason, and I realized that on the way home, I could treat myself to a free Chick-fil-A breakfast!  I know this is going to sound heretical, but I’m just going to say it – the hash browns may be the best item on the menu. Period.

everydaywithchickfila1How would you judge that? The best item on the menu? I’m not sure. I mean, you could take a consensus, but when it comes to food, it’s really personal preference, is it not? It’s not like we’re talking E=mc^2 here.  And if I’m thinking about which items make me the most happy to eat and leave me longing for more, it’s definitely the hash browns. But seriously, subjectivity aside, they’re really good. (Okay, I can only be subjective – I admit it!)

If the hashbrowns are the best, then while the Chicken, Egg & Cheese on Sunflower Multigrain Bagel may be #7 on the menu, it is a very close second to the hashbrowns as being number one in my heart. Just take a look at this pic, which even with an iPhone looks good:

everydaywithchickfila2Look how thick that chicken is! Liza and I always order multi-grain bagels from Dunkin Donuts too on our way to church on Sunday mornings (well, when she was a gluten girl), so I obviously love the fact it’s on a toasted multi-grain bagel.  My only regret was that I forgot to put either pepperjack or provolone cheese on it.  I don’t know why America had to go and ruin cheese and name one after themselves, when the Swiss and the Italians already did a fine job of perfecting the cheese department.

I had a treat as well today as my guy Colby was working the drive thru, along with Taylor and I believe that’s Sandy. (Sandy, if I screwed that up, my apologies.)


It’s funny, I picked up my Chick-fil-A thinking I’d wait til I got home, shower, then reheat my food while I sipped on a cup of coffee and banged out the morning workload for Addicted to Saving. But when the smell of Chick-fil-A hashbrowns fills the cabin of your car, who can resist? Both items were gone in about five minutes.

The rest of my day has been prepping the house for Liza and Asher; T-minus 48 hours and we will finally be together, and I can start experiencing the joy, pain, and everything in between, of fatherhood.

And you know what I’m really excited about? Making these Chick-fil-A runs with Asher in the car. 😉