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Day 71 – The Sun Sets on a Previous Era

Day 71.

everydaywithchickfilaThis is the scene that greeted me after driving through horrific rain and storms to get to my Trinity Chick-fil-A this evening. It’s an appropriate metaphor for a couple of reasons:

1) We are coming out of a stormy period of waiting. The last two years and four months have been incredibly long, fraught with money issues, paperwork issues, issues out of our control and issues of which we lost control. We experienced a failed domestic adoption two weeks before the birth mother gave birth (she went to a different agency), and our original referral, our son, Kiya, died on September 10th of last year, sending us into a period of mourning that still, to this day, will bring us to tears.

2) As we are coming out of these storms, we also know the sun is setting on this period of our life. 12 years of marriage without child, among other struggles, and yet God has kept us together and I am convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are now stronger for it. Could we have handled a child 10 years ago? I’m sure we would’ve managed. But I know we wouldn’t have managed as well as we are now. Trials burn away the impurities in one’s character and life that good times never do. And thus, the sun has set on a particular set of circumstances – being without child – that will never rise again.

Of course there are new storms waiting, and in some sense, the journey is just starting. We know this. But we are ready, armed with battle wounds, scar tissue, and the grace and knowledge of God, for the days ahead.

There is much to report from last night’s events, as yesterday we picked up our son. But just as the sun has set on a life without kids in the house, the sun has also set on my sleep, and this old man needs some of it now while little man is getting some of his own.

I’ll give the deets tomorrow (details, people), but for now, just know that I had the Asian Salad tonight (no oranges, extra everything else), saw my guys Colby and the gang (Colby didn’t photobomb this time, but trust me, he was there), and there was no Asher in the car with me because of the lateness of today’s run.

everydaywithchickfila2Hopefully tomorrow he can get his first taste of Chick-fil-A with daddy. Just look at this face – it’s got Eat Mor Chick’n all over it!