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Day 73 & 74 – A Week in Review in Pictures

Day 73 & 74.

Can I just say, welcome to fatherhood?  Yup, the last two days have been that for us. But you know what?  Beyond not exercising, sleeping, or having any semblance of routine that I once knew, it hasn’t been that bad! Asher is actually a pretty fussy kid, but one of the things he does like is that ride to Chick-fil-A, which he has been on the past couple days.

Since I haven’t even touched on Asher’s homecoming party on Monday night, well at least at any length, I thought I’d let a picture be a thousands words.  Seeing as how I have like 50 pictures, this could be a really long blog post. Good thing for you the words are in your imagination and you don’t have to read a thousand words per picture.

So, as a “week in review” via photo, here you go (including my last two days at Chick-fil-A, where I ordered the Asian Salad and a #5 Chick-fil-A Nuggets with large waffle fries and Sprite.

(photos are courtesy of Paisley & Pinstripes Photography and our friend Janna)


our friends’ kiddos greet us with signs


Asher gets his first taste of American life in the Tampa International Airport


some of our best friends met us to support us and celebrate with us


mama and Asher hanging at home


Asher getting home from his first ever Chick-fil-A trip


McKenzie and Ryan serve me my Asian Salad with extra, well, everything


Asher was just being naughty – don’t let his cuteness fool you


Asher’s second trip – John was our server and mama wanted some waffle fries


looks like Asher wants something to eat too; either that or he’s just teething…