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Day 76 – Out & About

Day 76.

everydaywithchickfilaThis picture is blurry so it takes a little of its luster off, but I absolutely love Ash-baby’s face in this one. I had just picked up my #5 12-ct Chick-fil-A Nuggets meal with large waffle fries and large Coke, and thought a family photo would be appropriate. So I pulled over to my normal photo spot near the new Trinity Hospital and snapped this bad boy, and I think Asher’s face is priceless! He’s looking at the Chick-fil-A bag filled with delicious nuggets and waffle fries, the first time he’s ever seen one up close or had one in his lap, and his eyes appear to be saying, “Dude, what is that, and where is my bottle?”  Haha. I love it. Can’t wait til he’s old enough to read these one day and see what joy he’s brought to my heart even though he had no control over it.

Tiffany was my server today, another first for me. I think she kind of knew what was coming as I was asking for the photo (I think my reputation proceeds me there), but she was a good sport about the whole thing:

everydaywithchickfila1Actually looking back, I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of my trip with Asher out and about the town today. We had to go by the bank and I was able to bring him in to meet some of the bankers who have helped us wire money, verify bank statements for adoption paperwork, send money orders, and get crisp 100’s and 50’s to take with us to Africa. It was a fun moment even though he’ll never remember it.

Then I took him to the Goin’ Postal on Ridge road where I have been probably 50 times in this adoption process to have documents notarized, Fed-Exed, UPS’ed, USPS’ed, over-nighted, ground-shipped, state authenticated, and the list goes on and on. My guy Rob owns the place with his folks, and Asher and I just walked in and quietly waited while Rob was busy ringing up a customer.  When he did look up it was just for a second, and then he did the greatest double take ever, exploding into an authentically happy smile and hearty congratulations.  He’s seen the excruciating, time-consuming, mind-numbing paper chase process up close and personal, probably more so than anyone, so it was kind of a victory for us both to see me and Asher finally together. Again, a moment Asher will never remember, but one that I’ll never forget.  I suppose I should’ve snapped a photo of that moment too.  Maybe I’ll go back and get a couple and tag them on to the end of this blog.

Speaking of the end of this blog, we’re here. Going to leave you with last Asher pic and see you on Tuesday: