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Day 78 – Uneventful

Day 78.


That’s a bird’s eye view of the #1 Original Chick-fil-A with a piece of provolone, and I have to tell you, it truly hit the spot this afternoon. I was up early for work and ended up doing a pretty intense workout around 11 a.m., and when I came back in it was feeding time and playing with Asher time. Lunch was just a protein shake and a piece of cheese, which obviously wasn’t going to suffice. So by the time I rolled up to Chick-fil-A (Asher-less), I needed something hearty, so I dialed up an Original with cheese.


Sandy was glad to help me out with my order.  I had a huge headache (dehydration from the day’s earlier events), so I grabbed a large Coke for the caffeine. I shared the waffle fries with Liza when I got home, but that left my yearning for a frozen pizza at about 9:00 p.m., so I indulged then too.

It was a pretty uneventful day, so I don’t have much else to say.  I was supposed to be at a meeting this evening but the pressures of new fatherhood required me to stay home. We’re still getting into a routine, and I’m just praying that Asher decides he’d like to sleep the entire night tonight.

Speaking of the little guy, here are the two of us with his squinty eyes (he didn’t like the flash). I was trying to get his shirt lyrics – AWESOME LIKE DADDY – but unfortunately it didn’t come out.


Here he was clapping, though the still shot kind of looks like he’s praying.  Clapping is definitely his thing. At least right now. Also, disobeying. Especially when it comes to the entertainment center which you can see in the below pic behind Asher. He will head towards it, we tell him “No Asher,” he stops, looks at us, grins, goes right up to it, stops, turns around, and claps his hands.

Sin nature, I tell ya.


Okay, well back to Duck Dynasty. See you tomorrow.