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Day 88 – I’m Sick

Day 88.

I’m sick. It rarely happens, and I’m blaming the little man. Or my wife. One of them gave me these foreign germs. It seems as though we share just about everything these days, so there’s no telling. Shoot, it could’ve been the dog for all I know.  The dog is a whole other story. Poor Louie. I think he’s lonely now that Pacey’s gone, and any time I’m on the floor with Asher he wants to be in the mix. He also does not discriminate with toys, whether they’re Asher’s or his. Hence, the germs. Plus I’ve just been running on empty lately – up early, up late, trying to at least train somewhat for the tri. Now that it’s over, maybe I can get some sleep?

Today was a fun Chick-fil-A run as it was a family affair.  The below pic, while not flattering for dad, is a great one of Asher (not that I’m biased or anything). Just look at that sweet little face. Happy family.

everydaywithchickfilaDad ordered his typical Asian Salad, and for the first time, Ryan #2 (who’s been on the intercom a lot lately), finished my order for me when I was at the “no oranges” part of the order.  Love it.   Mama indulged in a Spicy Sandwich and I ate all her fries on the way home.  Big thanks to Ryan, Evan, and a couple of newbies as our servers this evening:

everydaywithchickfila1And since I’m not feeling well, I’ve got to cut this short and hit the hay. We had a very busy day yesterday which I will try and highlight more tomorrow, but essentially we had a shower for Asher and all of us are needing a little replenishing.

One more photo of Asher though before we leave. He was helping dada blog today. Some precious memories we’re making these days, even though I look kind of like an alien in this picture: