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Day 89 – Day 2 of My Sickness

Day 89.

Day 89 of eating Chick-fil-A everyday, but it’s Day 2 of my sickness. My counter attack plan: I’ve been taking some homeopathic something-or-other that dissolve under your tongue, but they’re all the way in the kitchen and I’m frankly too lazy to get up and track down a name from you. I’ve been trying to pound the water and Vitamin-C, and I think all of it’s helping. I’m also eating a lot, because I remember hearing somewhere “feed a cold, starve a flu.”  I’m pretty sure it’s a wives’ tale but I would be doing the axiom a disservice if I ignored it now.  That and I just justified eating whatever I want.

I do feel better than yesterday, although in the last 30 minutes or so I just want to run for the bed. It’s crazy how a runny nose and just feeling “off” will totally take you off your A-game.  I feel like Joe Pesci in that Snickers commercial where the guy just isn’t himself because he’s hungry….only for me it’s a minor cold.

Asher came with me to help “feed my cold” at Chick-fil-A today with a #5 12 ct and large waffle fries and Coke. And yes, I did have all 12 pieces of delicious Chick-fil-A nugget in my belly about two miles down the road.   Here’s the crew in the drive-thru. James, the manager, walked away from the pic but Taylor just happened to “point it out” perfectly.  Haha – hilarious.

everydaywithchickfilaRyan #2 and Colby were in the house, so it was good to see them of course.

On the way home it was not so good, however, as I had to stop at the vet to pick up Pacey’s remains. That was Liza’s choice, and I support her decision to have him cremated by himself (and the extra cost that came with it).  Some things are just worth the price tag.  I’m not sure what we’re going to do with him, but I am happy that he’s out of his misery.  Today I asked Louie if he wanted to “eat” and for the first time, he stopped panting and gave me a little head cock, which is exactly what Pacey used to do. Honestly, I’ve never seen Louie ever do that.  Gut-wrenching, I tell ya.

Yesterday I promised an update on our shower from Sunday but it’s going to have to wait again. I will, however, give you an update on Asher’s love of yogurt, as evidenced below.  Good night all.