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Day 93 – A Buckeye Victory in Progress

Day 93.

Let’s play a game with my 93rd day of eating Chick-fil-A in a row.  Take a look below and guess what I ordered for Day 93.  Bottled water?  Cheerios?  A little slice of Asher? Ohhhhh wait, it’s those Chick-fil-A Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies….  🙂

everydaywithchickfilaI told OG Ryan (original Ryan) today at the drive-thru window that I enjoy ordering the cookies on Saturday because then I can eat Chick-fil-A on both Saturday and Sunday, even though Chick-fil-A isn’t open on Sundays.  So really, I’ve probably hit the century mark already, just not in a row.

A big shout out to my server Alexis who hadn’t worked in a while:

everydaywithchickfila1I also got the cookies because my mother-in-law kindly brought sandwiches over, and I figured it would be good to eat her cooking. Not because I have to mind you; her cooking is always delicious.

As I sit here typing this blog post, I’m excited because the Buckeyes just hit a 90 yard touchdown to open the game against Cal, and nearly just recovered a fumble. So things are looking good, even without our best player, who’s on the bench with a knee. Now if the Bears can win their second in a row tomorrow…

Asher update (this is him and his mama this morning testing out the BOB stroller we received from friends):

everydaywithchickfila3He’s doing well, although he’s got a new thing the last couple of days with his morning naps.  He gets in about a 10-minute power nap, and then he thinks he’s good to go for the rest of the day. I’m on to you kiddo – don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to pull. Thus, the late afternoons the last two days have been challenging. The weird thing is, he’s actually happy right now after dinner, and he has NOT had enough sleep.

TOUCHDOWN BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes!  Up 14-0.  O-H….I-O!   O-H…..I-O!

Happy football weekend.  See you on Monday.

P.S.  As I was proofreading, the Bucks scored again. 21-0.  Just thought you should know.