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Day 178: Merry (Day-After) Christmas

Day 178.

Merry (day-after) Christmas! Unfortunately today is Thursday but I haven’t had any Chick-fil-A since Monday.  For only the second day, I missed my regularly scheduled daily Chick-fil-A date on Tuesday, Christmas Eve. We were in a hurry to get over to Liza’s mom’s and drop them off so I could go to our church and help set up the parking lot, and by the time we actually got organized, I didn’t have time to pop in (of course they were closed after the service.)

So tonight I picked up a Chick-fil-A Mocha shake (they were out of Peppermint, the horror!), filled with plenty of food from a third Christmas dinner at my mother-in-law’s in as many days. Great to see the fellas, though sad to inform them that I only have two more days of VIP status as I leave for St. Louis on Saturday. Unfortunately, the card isn’t good in The Lou (and I’m proud).


Notice the gap in this picture? The elusive James managed to miss another picture. I think the only one he’s in is the one where his back is to the camera and he’s on a ladder fixing the Chick-fil-A drive-thru automated voice machine that was giving bad info.

At any rate, it’s hard to believe I only have two more days.

It was Asher’s first Christmas, and I have a cornucopia of pictures, so I’ll just throw a couple of for memories’ sake:

everydaywithchickfila2The fam at Christmas Eve service; I was working on the parking crew, hence the hideous yellow vest and white legs.

A closeup of me and the boy.

Easily his favorite gift.  That was all mamma’s idea, and it was a good one.

We went for a family run; starting another tradition I suppose.

Dinner at Grandma’s.

Hanging with Uncle James.

Of course, Christmas is about so much more than family and friends, so for those of you who actually don’t know how Christmas came to be and what it really is all about, I posted the below essay on my Facebook wall and with my own permissions, post it here. Merry Christmas!

What Is the Meaning of Christmas? A Short Essay

I posed a question on Facebook recently which went like this: “If aliens invaded earth, would they be able to determine the meaning of Christmas by observing human behavior?”

Of course, no conclusions were really made, and I believe we ended up going off on a tangent about what aliens would actually look like, which, while an interesting exercise in imagination, has no value in determining the answer to the question.

But we needn’t really bring aliens into the equation, do we? Couldn’t we just take a street poll and ask random folks this question – “What is the meaning of Christmas?” I think the answers would go something like this (I’m attempting to provide this list without resorting to hyperbole or sarcasm):

  • The three F’s: Family, friends, and food
  • Giving back
  • Giving gifts to the ones you love
  • Spreading cheer
  • Shopping
  • Santa
  • Love
  • Eggnog and other spiked beverages
  • Celebration
  • Did I mention food?
  • Pastoral images of sleigh rides, snow globes, and lit fireplaces
  • The birth of Jesus

I could go on, but I think it’s a fairly generic and comprehensive list. Everything on that list is something to which I can relate, though some more than others. I think most people can.

Then there’s that “birth of Jesus” thing at the end, which, undoubtedly, at least a few in our imaginary poll would give as an answer. But in an increasingly secular culture, while many may still know Christmas has some religious undertones, it seems obvious to me that there are those who can grow up in a Western city or town and potentially never hear this word – “incarnation.”

Oh you see it on Orthodox and Catholic Church signs all the time, but do you know what it means? Because quite essentially, it is the meaning of Christmas.

If you’ve read any of the early church creeds or confessions – you wouldn’t be alone if you haven’t – you’ll know that the “incarnation” is an essential doctrine of the Church. When I use the word “Church” with a capital C, I’m not talking about the building you see on seemingly every corner, at least in the South U.S. I’m talking about the Church Universal; that is, a group of people, like Americans, women, Bears fans, or any other number of grouped individuals who identify with a certain tenant or quality.

Another way to think of the Church Universal is this way – it’s God’s family. It is people from all races, all ethnicities, genders, cultures, and ways of life who, in their diverse and sundry interests, set them all aside to be unified in this one way: to confess Jesus as the One who reconciles us back into a right relationship with God.

Very simply, everyone who is part of this family – the vernacular most used is “Christian” – believe in the Incarnation. That’s why so many creeds were both written and spoken soon after Jesus lived, died, and rose again; the early church fathers wanted to codify and solidify that which actually happened, despite its unbelievable nature. One such creed, at the First Council of Constantinople in AD 381, put it this way: “[Christ], who for us men, and for our salvation, came down from heaven, and was incarnate by the Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary, and was made man.”

How shall I translate that for a modern audience? Basically it means this – the man who lived in 1st century Palestine, Jesus of Nazareth, was God before He was a man. The word has its roots in Latin, and I’ll let you do your own research, but essentially Incarnation means this: ‘to be made in the flesh.’ You won’t find the word in the bible. Instead, it’s the family of God trying to come up with a word that encapsulates the Christmas story, the meaning of Christmas: Incarnation.

As interesting as that may be to me, there’s a good chance it’s not interesting to you. But I challenge you to think about what it means if it’s true. If the man who historically lived a historically verifiable life in what is now modern day Israel some 2000 years ago really was God incarnate – that is, He was actually God and was made a man – then Christmas takes on a very different meaning indeed. While the presents, family, food and friends can enhance its meaning, without the Incarnation being absolutely true, Christmas means nothing at all. You can assign your own meaning to it with family tradition and Aunt June’s famous corn pudding, but something that means many things actually doesn’t mean anything.

So Christmas means the Incarnation. So what? Why should that matter to anyone in the 21st century? Because an eternal God did something that, if not done, would’ve left us all irrevocably hopeless, whether in caveman BC, 21st century America, or some day in the future if humans colonize Mars. God is Spirit, according to the bible. If God only exists in Spirit form, then He could never do something that the rest of us do: die. He needed a body that He may die in, so as to identify with humanity’s biggest problem: death. In “being made in human flesh,” He was able to then take on the sins of the world, dying in our place, so that the penalty of death would not be an eternal problem, but merely a temporary one.

Before He could die a death for us, forever abolishing our sins and obliterating them as though they never were, He had to have a body. At Christmastime, we celebrate the biblical doctrine that God became a man, born of a virgin, having no physical earthly father, but having a physical body in which He could experience all that humans experience; in doing this, He qualified Himself as One who understands our every problem, feels with us in our every pain, and endured our biggest certainty – death.

Christmas IS the Incarnation. If you’re celebrating for any other reason, it’s all good. But please know that the very reason you are celebrating now is that throughout time and history, men and women before you celebrated the historical event of the Incarnation and passed it on to a subsequent generation. It’s this event alone that gives any other celebration meaning, because it guarantees the elimination of that which we all fear – death.

That is something to celebrate indeed.

Days 175, 176, & 177: All About the Chocolate Peppermint Mocha Shake (& Asher’s New Shoes)

Day 175, Day 176, & Day 177.

everydaywithchickfila1This is what Days 175, 176, and 177were all about. The truth is, I had dinner each night – Day 175 was a homemade quiche, Day 176 was PF Chang’s after picking up Asher his first pair of shoes, and Day 177 was an impromptu visit to our local Beef O Brady’s.  So by the time I got to Chick-fil-A, I was all about the Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake. I have to tell you, I am going to miss a lot about my Every Day with CFA runs, but what I may very well miss the most is the Peppermint shake. I don’t even really like Peppermint all that much – but when you froth it together in vanilla and chocolate chip creaminess, man, you’re really cooking with peanut oil at that point (Duck Dynasty reference).

It’s cool to see the college kids back and working the drive thru.  On day 175 it was Nick, back from his first semester at FSU. I wished him and his ‘Noles the best of luck in their upcoming Championship game efforts. As an Ohio State fan, it pained me to say it.

photo 1

Day 176 it was Megan who was back from college, and she was happy to jump in with [drawing a blank] for the Peppermint Chocolate Chip shake pic:

photo 3

Mind you, this was on the way back from Countryside Mall after picking up Asher his first pair of shoes. I was a touch worried, as he’s fairly proficient at motoring around the house and on any surface in just his bare feet. But I have to say, he took to shoes like I take to cheesy Lifetime holiday flicks – like a champ!  It was hilarious to see him run all around the store with this high-stutter-step, proud as can be.

To celebrate, we decided PF Chang’s would be a good option, and here’s the memory of that event:

photo 2

(George Orwell 1984 moment. When I posted this pic to Facebook, it suggested I tag the dude in the green over Liza’s left shoulder, whom I’ve never met. The world is getting much, much smaller.)

Asher was so excited about his shoes he nearly jumped in the bath with them:

everydaywithchickfilaWell, not really, but hyperbole sounds so much better.

Okay, so on to day 177. I don’t have a server pic as this time I grabbed my shake at the Gulfview Mall, and she declined to be photographed, politely of course. In all fairness, it is very weird for some guy you’ve never met to ask to take your photo and post it on a blog. But in all fairness to me, Facebook can suggest a tag of a random guy I’ve never met with relative ease, so in the digital world in which we live, I imagine our photographs are all over the Net without our permission – at least I ask.  😀

I should note that I ran into a very good friend of mine at the mall who was also doing some last minute Christmas shopping, and it was great to see this dear brother of mine. I left the mall encouraged, both because of him and because of my Chocolate Chip shake with peppermint pieces (yes, there is a difference, and this was perhaps even better than the original)!

I had actually hoped to get the Chicken Tortilla Soup, but alas, they were out. But as I mentioned earlier, the belly was satiated for the most part anyhow, courtesy of the Beef’s nachos. To prove we were there, here’s a pic of little man, who we think finally for reals might be getting some teeth, which means this is finally the reason we can blame for his crankiness:


He really loves that darn green spoon. To chew and strike things with, of course.

Welp, one more day to Christmas. We’re all spent in our house, and I’m looking forward to a couple of days off. Celebrating Christmas really should be a year-round thing for the Christian, but sadly we cram it in to a couple of December weeks without spending five solid minutes to meditate on the purpose and meaning of the season. I’ll probably post more about that tomorrow, but for now, just know that I’m happy it’s Christmas, in more ways than one.

Days 166, 167, 168, & 169: Getting Caught Up

Days 166, 167, 168 & 169.

The bad thing about falling behind in my Every Day with Chick-fil-A posts is that I have to really think hard to remember what happened.  The good thing about falling behind is my memory is so poor that I really don’t have much to say about each day, which makes it easier.

So, here goes….

Day 166 was a Chicken Tortilla Soup and a large Coke. I met a friend there so it was one of my few dine-in experiences. I don’t have a single picture proof of this experience, except to say that I didn’t take a picture of my server, Phyllis, because she respectfully declined. Phyllis has always allowed it in the past, but I could tell this was just one of those days, and I was happy to oblige, from this moment on, actually.

Day 167 was an evening CFA run after a meeting at church. Ran into my good friend Steve and his kiddos. I had planned on hitting the drive-thru but I saw them through the window and thought I’d pop in for my Asian Salad and bottled water.

photo 1

Not only was I able to hang with them, but I got an epic pic of the Trinity Chick-fil-A fellas working behind the counter. They were all confused when I was NOT in the drive-thru, understandably so. This is probably my favorite pic of the crew yet:

photo 2

Day 168 was with the fam at the Gulfview Mall. We thought Macy’s or Dillards would have shoe-fitting capacity for Asher. Apparently we forgot where Gulfview Mall is located. Sigh. I don’t say that disparagingly, only as truth that Pasco County doesn’t exactly do the volume that other counties may.

I grabbed a Peppermint Chocolate Chip Shake only as I promised Liza a veggie quiche when we got home (and I delivered, mind you). It was all guys on Day 167, but Day 168 was all ladies:

photo 3

Okay, on to Day 169. This day was all about Asher – me and the boy had some quality time with one another, starting by grabbing a very special custom made gift, courtesy of our friend Kim. I can’t reveal it yet, but it’s fantastic.

Ash and I had breakfast at CFA after meeting Kim; we ordered a #7 and I hooked buddy up with the egg (that I don’t care for). The rest was delicious as always. Asher just couldn’t wait to get his grubby little mouth on this Every Day with Chick-fil-A:

photo 1

Then we had fun in the play area. As always, Asher made it a point to crawl up the slide:

photo 3

Then this evening he was just a troublemaker, but in the best, baby-becoming-toddler sort of way. I suppose you need one of these roll-of-toilet-paper-on-the-floor pictures in every family photo album.

photo 4

So there you have it. Feels good to get caught up as Day 170 looms.

Day 157 & Day 158 – Thanksgiving & Black Friday Weekend

**This has not been proofread. Reader beware.

Day 157 & Day 158.

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged, and in “Every Day with Chick-fil-A years,” it has. Last Wednesday was the last day. Now it’s Sunday.

Why? Let me count the reasons:

1) Thanksgiving – CFA is closed.

2) Black Friday – it’s our biggest day of the year; we were up at 5:30 a.m. and worked for nearly 18 hours straight. I did, however, find time to sneak in a #5 w/ Grilled Nuggets and a Peppermint Chocolate Chip when I wen out to pick up Asher at Grandma’s. (Side note – his first afternoon away from us was a success!) Day 157 in the books. Thanks fellas.

photo 33) Sunday – CFA is closed.

With that cacophonous cocktail of roadblocks, alas, here I sit – four days since my last blog.

For the record, time is of the essence even this evening, so just know I scored a 6-pk of cookies on Day 158, thanks to my new friend at the Chick-fil-A in Gulf View Square Mall:

photo 4Although since it was Asher’s first Thanksgiving with us in the States, I should at least post a few pics.

photo 1Thanksgiving day was very cold

everydaywithchickfilaWe ran the First Ford Family Turkey Trot – we were all bundled up; Asher won.

everydaywithchickfila1Braving the cold

everydaywithchickfila2Baby’s 1st Thanksgiving – at least in the U.S.A.

photo 4Asher loves his momma, his blankie, and Thanksgiving food.

Day 152, Day 153, & Day 154 – Of Spoons & Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshakes

Day 152, Day 153, & Day 154.

Another tri-fecta for the peeps. Alas, I do not like smashing three posts into one, but we’re coming up on one month left in my quest to eat Every Day with Chick-fil-A, so a brotha’s gotta do what a brotha’s gotta do! (The last part of that sentence annoyed half of you reading this; heck, it annoyed me too, but it conveys the thought without much thought on my part, and that’s what poor writing is all about.)

It’s a good thing I take pictures so I can remember what happened the past three days (four when you factor Sunday).

Day 152 – Rachael was my server:

photo 1

I grabbed a 6-pk of cookies because I had eaten lasagna that night as part of our compare and contrast box lasagnas post, so I was really in the mood for something sweet.

Day 153 – This was done in the early a.m., making it my second Chick-fil-A trip within a 12-hour span.  I had my 7 a.m. Saturday morning workout with friends (think Crossfit or P90X stuff in modified fashion), and CFA is right on the way home. I popped in and chatted it up with Colby, grabbed my #7 Multi-grain Bagel Sandwich with hash browns and bottled water, and hit the road. The only bummer is I didn’t have my phone because I actually went inside and left it in the car, so I settled for a drive-by on my out:

photo 2

Day 154 – A lot easier to remember today’s trip, as I just got back. It had been a while since I ate, so I splurged in my #5 12-pc Chicken Nuggets meal by going with a limited time Peppermint Chocolate Chip shake, and it was worth every calorie. Don’t worry, I went with a small:

photo 2I asked for the shake to be a little thicker, and words of the Lord proved true again – “Ask and ye shall receive.” This shake was divine. I really savored every minute of it, and used every last bit of self-control I had to save a few slurps for my wife. Thanks to Jessica for the service and Ryan #2 for getting the order spot-on over the intercom:

photo 1

Now I thought I’d give a little Asher montage from this morning’s play session on the lanai.  Please note these pics were taken over a 20 minute span from the same vantage point, but Asher is playing at different spots each time. However, there is another constant in each photo that is noted with the red arrow.  The kid just won’t give up his applesauce spoon. Enjoy.

photo 4

photo 1

Now don’t let him fool you on this next one. Seems the “Word of the Day” on Sesame Street that we’ve watched and heard like 900 times – “incognito” – has taken root.

photo 2

photo 5

20 minutes later, the spoon is still intact. Hey, what can I say? The kid loves spoons.

See you on Day 155 tomorrow!

Day 148 & Day 149 – Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshakes Are Here & Asher’s 3-month “Gotcha” Day Anniversary

Day 148 & Day 149.

One word: Peppermint-Chocolate-Chip-Milkshake.

everydaywithchickfilaYou see what I did there?  Hyphenation, baby. It’s a great literary tool, but like your favorite joke or pair of boxers, you can only bring it out so much. It’s a special gem in the writer’s repertoire and must be treated as such.

In the last two days, I’ve had two of these bad boys, and I don’t regret it. At least not yet. I’m not the biggest peppermint fan by itself, but you pair it with some chocolate and I’m like a hobo on a hotdog (read that somewhere recently and I’ve been dying to try it!). Did it work? Um, yeah, you don’t have to answer that.

I was at the mall Chick-fil-A in Port Richey for day 148 because I had to be out that way to pick up some stuff at Office Depot, so many thanks to my server Becky for the shake and some Chicken Tortilla Soup.

photo 1

Day 149 actually serves as a special one, because it marks the 3 month anniversary of Asher’s U.S.A. “gotcha” day, which is adoption-speak for, “The day we brought him home.”  It’s true that Liza had him for 19 days in Ethiopia, but he stepped on Florida soil on August 19th, 2013. Well, he was carried on US soil on the 19th of August.

I had a bunch of emotional and sentimental things I wanted to capture in this blog post because Asher has made soooooo (six o’s means I’m really serious) much progress since that first week. However, my wife did a better job that I could’ve ever hoped for in her Facebook status earlier, so I thought I’d just let her do the talking.

everydaywithchickfila1Makes me a little teary, for sure.  To think that he will most likely remember none of this is, well, depressing. But I’m trying to cherish every second – that’s what the rest of you keep telling me to do, and you’re absolutely right.

We did make a family trip to Chick-fil-A today in celebration of Asher’s 3-months in the States, and a #5 Chicken Nuggets meal with a Peppermint Shake was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks to Jessica and the other gals for the prompt (and correct service) tonight:

photo 2

My only complaint with both the Peppermint and the Mocha Cookies & Cream shakes are that they’re generally too unthick. Yes, I just made that word up George Bush. But it’s the best way to describe it. If you’re going to error on a shake, you want to error on the thick side, not the unthick side. Sooooo, Chick-fil-A execs – these specialty milkshakes are divine, but I think your customer base would like to see them have the same thickness as the regular menu shakes. At least this customer.

Liza took this pic of Asher today on a walk, so I’m posting it here to have a record of what he looks like at 3 months. Plus, with that smile, it’s just too good not to:



Day 147 – Saved by My Wife

Day 147.

Today was almost my first missed Every Day with Chick-fil-A.  Thankfully I have a kind wife who stopped on her way home after hanging with the ladies to pick me up some cookies.  Just what the doctor ordered:

photoNo picture of the server, so that’s a bummer, but beggars can’t be choosers, am I right?

So why was I not able to get out today? Well bug-a-boo (aka Asher) didn’t exactly cooperate from a napping schedule, and ended up not going down until like 2:30.  By the time he woke up, it was too late for me to get out and back before Liza needed the car. Plus, I had some very important applesauce to feed the boy.  Thanks for documenting it, Mama.


Kid is pretty cute when he’s eating applesauce, I’m not gonna lie.

Day 145 & Day 146 – Cookies & Soup & A Photo Show & Tell

Day 145 & Day 146.

Since I don’t have anything earth-shattering to convey in these last two days, I thought I’d post a picture of what it is we do for a living. We help people save money on their grocery bills.

I went shopping on Day 146 right before I headed out to get my Chicken Tortilla Soup for the second time in three days, and loved seeing my good Chick-fil-A buddies Ryan #1 and Jessica, with a sneaky Austin in the back. Truly I love these guys!

photo 3

But back to what we do. We blog about saving money. Then each Friday we take a trip to our local Publix, shop, save money, then come home and take a picture of what we bought and how we did it. You never think this is what your college degree will do for you.

At any rate, here’s today’s trip. We paid $34 for everything below, and saved $150; that comes out to about 81% savings.  Granted, it’s not the 100% savings I get at Chick-fil-A with my VIP Black Card, but it’s pretty good.

photo 2

The Asher photo bomb is a free bonus for your viewing pleasure. He had just finished up lunch and was really taking in the moment.

So that’s what we do in a nutshell. It’s amazing that you can make a full-time living off of it, but then again, not really. People love getting deals, and people need to eat. Bringing the desire to save and the desire to eat is a fairly natural fit.

Backtracking to day 145, it was just a 6-pk of Cookies kind of day, and they are, for the record, now completely annihilated less than 24 hours later. Before you start judging me, see if your family can let those cookies sit around the house for more than 24 hours.  A free Chick-fil-A meal on me says you can’t do it.

Thanks to my server “John” for her service, and for the back of the head shot of my cashier who shall remain nameless (Hint: it rhymes with Jolly).

photo 1

I got nothing else for you. It’s the end of the week and I’m gassed. A month and a half to go before my Every Day with Chick-fil-A ends. I’m ambivalently happy and sad to see that day come.

Day 143 – Of Chocolate Chunk Cookies & Buddy the Elf

Day 143.

Nothing earth-shattering about today’s Every Day with Chick-fil-A, although I did see on my buddy’s Facebook page that he witnessed a proposal while getting his own (paid for) Chick-fil-A. Without his permission I’m posting here:

everydaywithchickfilaI really can’t think of a better place to get engaged.  The food is good, the people are friendly, and where else can you get a stuffed, life-size cow to participate in this momentous occasion? Good times were had by all, I’m sure.

It seems as though everyone and their mother is going to see Elf tonight (after their Chick-fil-A dinners), so I’m a little bummed that I’m not there as well. Elf has iconic status in many homes around Christmastime, and ours is no different. It will be sad to watch without my sister who is teaching at a school in Senegal, West Africa, but she’d be disappointed if we didn’t say, “Bye buddy, hope you find your dad” about 9000 times over the three or four days the fam will be together.

Oh, you wanted to see that clip right now? No worries:

As you can see, I’m easily distracted without much material tonight. In fact, I had a multi-comment Facebook thread this evening solely on the topic of Elf.  Facebook and Elf can seriously waste some time.

Earlier we had to take a family jaunt to Wally World to buy three different lasagnas, cook them and compare them.  The things we get paid to do.  As such, by the time my CFA run came around, it was Cookie Time!

Yes, a 6-pk of Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies will be just fine, thank you very much. I’d like to publicly thank my guy Colby and gal Jessica for the great service tonight. Just as long as no fires are being started, you guys can take as long as you want to get my my cookies. 😉


Day 141 & Day 142 – Baby Dedication

Day 141 & Day 142.

Day 141 was an important one. We went through our “Baby Dedication” class at our church. Dr. Aaron Walp took families who have had children in the last year through an admonition process by which he relayed God’s plan for parents to raise their children up in the Lord.

Since the Scriptures really speak for themselves on this one, I’ll just give you the cliff-notes of Walp’s instruction in Deuteronomy 6:

4 Listen, Israel: The Lord is our God, the Lord is one! 5 You must love the Lord your God with your whole mind, your whole being, and all your strength. 6 These words I am commanding you today must be kept in mind, 7 and you must teach them to your children and speak of them as you sit in your house, as you walk along the road, as you lie down, and as you get up. 8 You should tie them as a reminder on your forearm and fasten them as symbols on your forehead. 9 Inscribe them on the doorframes of your houses and gates.

And thus, with the Lord’s help, that is the weighty burden we have as parents, and will do our best to relay to Asher.

Our senior pastor, Dr. Rice, finished off the class with a few words:
photo 1

Our clan was present for this special occasion (thanks for coming Ellie, Grandma, and of course, Momma and Asher):

photo 2

Then it was off to Chick-fil-A for dinner!  Liza got the chicken nuggets and I went for a #3 Spicy Meal.  Thanks to the crew, which included James and Ryan #2 (and I’m so sorry but I didn’t catch the gal’s name in front!):

photo 3

The next day we were able to go before the church body and commit to them publicly to raise up our son, as best we know how, to honor God and love others. Thanks to our friends Jason and Janna for grabbing this pic of the moment!

IMG_3147Speaking of our friends Jason and Janna, I just have to share this pic of their daughter Kylie. Forget the fact that Asher hasn’t put his head on my shoulders for more than a few seconds at a time, ever. Kylie, on the other hand, just went in for a full on head-snuggle for a good two or three minutes after service on Sunday. So precious.


Day 142 was a good one on all accounts – Asher was a gem, work was productive, Grandma came over and helped out, I put up some safety measures around the house, and of course made my daily trip to Chick-fil-A.

Since Momma had some pork slowly simmering in a crock-pot, I kinda felt obligated to eat that.  But that didn’t stop me from a little Chick-fil-A dessert after dinner. Thanks to Ryan #2 and an assist to Evan for the Cookies & Cream shake (no whip, no cherry). photo

Now it’s the Bucs/Dolphins on the tele and and hoping that Mike James and the Miami defense can muster up 25 points for very much needed fantasy victory. Thank you Mike James for going down on the first drive of the game. You gotta be kidding me.

**Update**  Posting this video of the formal dedication since I will want to see it again one day: