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Day 137, Day 138, & Day 139 – Three Days, Three Desserts, One Happy Man

Day 137, Day 138, & Day 139.

Okay, so Colby totally called me out tonight as I went through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru about 9:30.  “Three days,” he says. I’m thinking, “Yup, three days of just desserts,” or “Three days you’ve been working in a row.”  Nope, that’s not what he was referencing. “It’s been three days and no blog.”


Alas, Colby is right, as Colby is on top of things, always. I could give you a million reasons why I haven’t blogged in three days about my every day with Chick-fil-a experience; well, maybe a dozen or so. But I don’t see the benefit in listing them here as it will just take more sleepy-time away from these tired eyes.

So, without further ado, I present Day 137, which started three days of dessert only orders:

photo 1

You’ll notice that Colby actually answers to Jessica, who I found out is the baby of the bunch. Seniority rules. This night was a Cookies & Cream shake, since my wife made a really nice dinner of sauteed veggies and sauce.

Day 138 was also a dessert only kind of night, as I took Liza out for her birthday and Bonefish left little room for a Chick-fil-A meal.  But a 6-pk of cookies?  That fit nicely into the schedule.  Oh, those amazing, best-kept-secret Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

It was nice to celebrate her birthday as it was the first time we’d been alone without Asher since he came home on August 19th to the States.  Here we are celebrating:

photo 3

Haha – Liza looks like she was anticipating the flash and trying to not shut her eyes for the picture. Either that or she was just surprised at how much alone time we were able to have.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Chick-fil-A, but Liza’s salmon with that brown sugar butter sauced Pumpkin ravioli isn’t exactly too shabby:

photo 5

We were grateful to have Colby and Taylor serve us our blessed cookies:

photo 6

Then onto Day 139, which started by finding that little Asher happens to love riding in his little wagon. Can’t believe I hadn’t tried this before now!  And in typical fashion, I got this picture just after he was laughing his head off:

everydaywithchickfilaIn Asher’s defense, he had just heard a plane fly over the house and was enthralled. He very much loves planes and takes them very seriously. We have an airplane community just to the west of us and their flight path is right over our house. It’s pretty cool actually. We might get a half dozen planes each day, and my son loves to watch them, process what he saw, then point at them. It must be so awesome to be 13 months old.

You know what else is awesome?  Cookies. For the second night in a row. And lest you think I’m just hoarding and stockpiling, let me show you the evidence:

photo 3

Note the bag on the left.  That is from Day 138.  Note it is empty. We don’t mess around with the Chick-fil-A cookies in our household.

So when I rolled up to the CFA tonight, I was glad to see my guy Colby and order some more cookies, despite the fact that he called me out about not blogging.  Well, it worked, because I’m caught up now, so thank you buddy. Thank you, and Ryan #2, and Dylan, and James – James, it’s about time you fixed that intercom malfunction! It was a ghost town on Day 137 and I thought you guys really closed at 9!

photo 2

Alrighty friends, let’s hope I can be a little more diligent in the future about my blogging. One thing I know – it’s a lot easier to eat Chick-fil-A than just blog about it.


Day 134, Day 135, & Day 136 – All About the Mudder

Day 134, Day 135, & Day 136.

Well, we have another first in the life of my Every Day with Chick-fil-A. Between running a business, parenting this new kiddo, and trying to prep for the ToughMudder, it was a busy weekend, and thus I have gotten a little behind.  Hence, my first 3-day post, combining Friday, Saturday, and Mondays’ Chick-fil-A trips.

Day 134 was hectic and crazy trying to get everything done for the website that I knew I wouldn’t be able to do on Saturday. Thankfully I had some nice time with my son in the morning. I took this picture about a second too late, as Asher had his hand on Louie’s leash with me, both of us walking the dog. Come on, that’s just cute:

everydaywithchickfilaA lot of times I’ll share my fries with Liza, or maybe a couple of nuggets, but I was all about the carbs on my nightly run. I wanted as many calories as possible to be ready for what would ensue the following day. Here are my friends at Chick-fil-A who served me up a #3 Spicy Chicken sandwich with large waffle fries and bottled water:

photo 2Day 135 saw me get up at 4:30 to head out the door at 5:00 and meet up with my fellow Mudders for the Tough Mudder at Westgate River Ranch in the middle of Nowhere, Florida. Any time you’re getting up in the 4’s, you know it’s something crazy.

If you don’t know what the Mudder is, I’m not going to describe it. You just need to check out this clip and you’ll get the point. (Video from last year’s Tampa area mudder, which I also participated in.)

Here we are pre-Mudder:


Yes, war paint is truly necessary.

Especially when you’re my buddy Chris. This is him running to catch the van. We’re not even in the parking lot yet, but he had to take a leak. He ran a loooooong way. War paint helps with that.

photo 1David thought he’d take a picture with a pony before the race. Hey, everyone gets inspired in different ways.

photo 3Here we are before the race:

photo 3Only three of us made it to the finish intact:

photo 4Of course I’m kidding, we all made it, but I don’t have the pic on my phone. It was a great event, tons of fun obstacles, lots of mud, and only minor injuries.

I present to you exhibit A:

photo 5As I mentioned in my Facebook post, it’s tough to be a bald man in a head-full-of-hair world. The obstacle “Anaconda” took a bite out of my skull as a keepsake. Hey, you can’t say I didn’t leave it all out on the field.

Since we were [freaking] starving afterwards, we did hit up a Five Guys on the way home, so by the time I rolled up to Chick-fil-A, it was the perfect time for a calorie-laden, deliciously tasting Cookies & Cream milkshake. And since the iPhone has apparently maxed out its 4 GB or whatever ridiculously small storage space it is, here’s how my pic of Dylan, Chick-fil-A newcomer, turned out:

photo 1Regarding day 136, it was an early morning run to get my favorite Chick-fil-A treat: a #7 Multigrain Bagel Sandwich with the heaven-in-your mouth hash browns. Thanks Donna for the service!

photo 2I would talk more about my Monday but it’s 8:36, and it’s time to Bear Down. If you don’t know what that means, just turn on ESPN at some point tonight and you’ll get the picture.

Day 124 & Day 125 – Short & Sweet

Day 124 & Day 125.

As you can see, I’m really starting to slow the pace on my Every Day with Chick-fil-A blogs.  I’m still going every day, but man, the blogging part is tough. Now I could just throw up a couple pictures and a line or two about Asher or my guy Colby at Chick-fil-A every time, but that’s not a very good blog.  Of course, it might not be a very good blog if I drone on and on either. Maybe I should just keep it short and sweet?

Well, okay, let’s try it.

Day 124 I purchased a 6-pk of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies under serious duress. I tried to change a snippet of code on our website and crashed it for two hours. Asher was screaming his head off at the time.  And we lost $1000+ worth of frozen products due to our freezer doing something it shouldn’t have (ie, stop working). Now it looks like this:


If you’re tempted to feel badly for us, don’t.  A $100 bill only hits us for about $30 on average, so we’ll replenish it quickly.  I just hate to see the waste.

To top it off, I apparently deleted my server Jessica’s picture to prove I was there. First time for everything.

Day 125 was much better.  We had to write a post on Pumpkin Spice Liquid Coffee-Mate creamer, which you are free to read here – Enjoying Life With Pumpkin Spice Liquid Coffee-mate #loveyourcup #shop. Thus, much of our day was spent “staging,” ie, cleaning the mess that we know as our house and making it appear comfortable and cozy. It’s fun, really. Here’s Liza and me “taking a break” from our normal blogging duties:


Then I took Asher to Chick-fil-A, ordered a #5 8-ct with a medium waffle fries and bottled water, listened to Colby have the cajones to say “My pleasure, Jeff” after my order over the intercom, and saw Sandy my server:

photo 1

Then it was home for a quick jog, shower, din-din and this blog post.

Yes, short and sweet. That was much better.

Day 115 – Great Expectations

Day 115

Today was a great day, but it’s not even over yet.  In fact, at the writing of this blog, I haven’t even been to Chick-fil-A. But I’m going, don’t you worry. And when I do, I will order a 6-pk of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies to share with the family. Me, Asher, Liza, and a fourth who will be staying with us – Mom!

It’s rare that a family member of mine comes to Florida, but two weeks ago my sister was here with her son Reid, tonight my mom comes, and in a couple more weeks my brother is coming with his boy, Luke. I guess I need to adopt children more often.

Speaking of adopted children, Asher has had a GREAT two days. Here he is enjoying his birthday gift from my mom:

photo 1He jumped right up on that thing as soon as I put it together. He’ll be walking in no time, I’m sure of it.

After we played a little this morning (I was on Asher duty while mama was working), we headed out for a couple of errands: bank, Publix, and the pet store. While at the pet store, Asher and I took some time to check out the fish and birds, and a very cute rabbit.  **Side note** I have a thing for bunnies and rabbits. I don’t know from whence comes this soft spot in my heart for these furry creatures. But this bunny was awesome. Followed us all around the glass. And, he wasn’t scared of Asher’s pounding on the glass encasement.

photo 3

(Yes, that is the dog’s free birthday toy in Asher’s mouth – I mean, it’s hard to blame him… looks like some delicious linked sausage.)

The afternoon consisted of cleaning up to make sure the house wasn’t a total pigsty for our special visitor. Asher tried out the Ergo for the first time facing forward while I vacuumed. You can tell how much he loved it:

everydaywithchickfila1Now I’m sitting her blogging about my Every Day with Chick-fil-A that I haven’t even had yet and enjoying the simple pleasure of a Chicago Bears football game. Yes – Brandon Marshall touchdown!

**Update** Picture of cookies visit, as promised:

photo 1

Day 111 – A Second Birthday Celebration

Day 111.

I just got back from Chick-fil-A and here’s what I ordered:

photo 3Why just a chocolate milk and a bottled water?  I’ll tell you why – six pieces of pizza, three chocolate chip bars (thanks Janna!), and a piece of Publix Cookies & Cream cake, that’s why. (Remnants of the cake are in the background of the pic.)

Why so much food?  Well, we had a very tiny birthday celebration with some very big appetites. Adopting from Ethiopia has given us the opportunity to meet some of our [now] closest friends, one of whom is the Clements. We have basically followed in their footsteps in regards to adoption, and have forged a friendship that is bonded and sealed in a way that only those who adopt can understand. Will, their Ethiopian son, became a part of their forever family last year, and he turns 2 later this month. So, we did a little duo celebration and Asher got to blow out his second birthday candle of the week. Well, at least he had a second birthday candle to try pick up and put in his mouth (no worries, he’s a professional).

I couldn’t decide whether or not to use the bug eyes pic or the no-flash one, but I really think this one is the better of the two:

photo 1After our celebration it was off to the C-fil-A.  It wasn’t easy to gear up and head out. With all the food, a lack of sleep this week, and the Ohio State game starting, I really wanted to just hang at home. But I manned up and headed out the door for my bottled water, chocolate milk, and 40 minute round trip.

The funny thing is the ladies working the drive-thru tonight were really trying to get me to order something since I wouldn’t be in tomorrow, but I just couldn’t muster the stomach for it.  Here are my servers tonight:

photo 2And now, at precisely 9:52, the Buckeyes are down at half and I’m about down for the count. Seeing as how I ate about 5000 calories tonight, I really should go to bed so I can get up early and run. Or I could stay up late to watch the Buckeyes win and then get up early to run.  Or I could stay up late and not get up early and just risk the 5000 calories going to my hips.

Option 3 it is!

Day 108 – Happy Birthday Asher!

Day 108.

Way too tired to blog tonight. October 2nd is the day, and my son turned 1. Since we celebrated with traditional Ethiopian food and lots of cake and ice cream, a bottled water and late night snack were all this kid needed at Chick-fil-A today (which happened only minutes before they closed). Thanks Ethan and James.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the story telling, and I’ll be sentimental tomorrow when I can think. 🙂

photo 1






photo 3

everydaywithchickfila1Good night.

Day 106 – A Fun Weekend with Family

Day 106.

Day 106 was just a 6-pk of Oatmeal Cookies, for a couple of reasons. One, they’re delicious, so they’re not “just” a 6-pk of any old cookies. My sister had never tried them before and didn’t know they had oatmeal in them. The verdict? I think she approves (15 seconds in the microwave if you’re able). Two, we were in the mood for Mexican and I knew Chick-fil-A Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies would be a great way to cap off the evening for everyone. So, thanks to Jessica for the service today.


Our dinner date was at Tijuana Flats and I had our server (who was great btw) snap this picture to capture the five us. (Of course everyone’s looking at the camera but Asher.)
photo3It was a special event because it marked the first time we had taken Asher out to eat. I figured he’d be okay, but let’s be honest, an almost 1 year old in a public restaurant is a recipe for disaster. However, he did great. Never underestimate the power of cheese, which, as you can see from this pic, he smeared liberally all over the table. First time tasting cheese, and I can only assume from the enthusiastic grunts that he approved.
photo2We had a great time the past couple of days with Aunt Kelly and cousin Reid. It’s sad they leave tomorrow – wish they were closer. Asher has given Reid a run for his money, but it’s been fun for him to have a playmate in the home. I can’t wait for adoption #2 to come through!  🙂

We took a visit to the “boardwalk” while they were here (aka Hudson Beach), and here it was Reid’s turn to not look at the camera. Who could really blame him though? Poor Asher’s about blinded by the sun’s harmful rays. I sure hope we have some SPF 50 on that little kiddo.


Earlier today brother and sister were able to hit up the community pool with the boys. Nothing says parenthood like a BOB stroller.   Truly, I’ll never own anything else.

photo5I just love these boys with their swim shirts on. I know one day it won’t be cool to wear one, but for now, they’re like Joe Camel. Okay, so probably should’ve thought of a better analogy. Darn marketers.  And they haven’t even been able to advertise since, like, before I was born!

At any rate, Asher’s going to miss his cousin. Reid really does have a sweet disposition about him, and he tired Asher out. The whole weekend tired dada out, which is why, with my eyes half-closed, I’m ending this post and heading to bed.

Day 100 – That Is All

Day 100.

I had really planned to make my 100th day of eating Chick-fil-A in a row (minus Africa) a special one….but, the day got away from me. Oh well.  In a way, I did have a couple special moments. I forgot my Chick-fil-A card at home because I left it in the other car, so that was special.  Fortunately, I’m kind of a regular around there, so Ethan hooked me up. Thanks buddy.

everydaywithchickfilaThe other reason the day turned into something special was the new ride in which I was able to make the trip. I went directly after Asher’s bath as it was pouring all day today, and I kept putting off the trip because I didn’t want to melt in the rain. One of the perks of being a blogger is you get to do cool reviews from time to time, and for the next 8 days we get to cruise around town in a 2014 Kia Sorento, which is completely loaded by the way. (Of course it is, we’re going to do a review about it!)  Here’s a nice look at it despite the rain:

everydaywithchickfila1I’ll be sure to post a link to our review once we’ve had a chance to thoroughly investigate.

So what did I get tonight?  Liza’s mom was over making her famous homemade sauce tonight, and since it’s my favorite food ever (except when Liza makes it of course), I thought it would be a good idea to eat that and just grab some cookies.  And since the cookies from Saturday’s trip are, well, gone, why not?  They’re huge, chocolaty, moist, and best when popped in the microwave for 15 seconds.

I also know that no Everyday Day with Chick-fil-A blog these days is complete without some Asher pics, so here is the little guy getting stuck yesterday. Dude, you can’t chase the cat into such tight quarters without an exit strategy. Dad did have to pick him up out of this mess: