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Days 172, 173, & 174: A Wilderness Wonderland Celebration of Lights

Day 172, Day 173, & Day 174.

Once again here in the home stretch I’m stringing Every Days with Chick-fil-A together. Trying to push through to the end, and in this busy season, it has been a challenge. But I have to tell you, even though I have nothing to gain from blogging about eating CFA every day, it’s pretty freaking cool that I’ve been able to do it.

New Year’s is around the corner and if you’re like me, you’ll be making a resolution or two, even if you don’t tell anyone about it. But let’s be honest – we rarely do them more than a couple of months, or, if you’re like me, a couple of weeks.  Changing something in your life – anything – is difficult, even when it’s something fun like eating Chick-fil-a. Factor in the blogging part, and it makes the difficulty factor increase by a factor of 10. So I’m glad I’ve stuck it out, even if I am putting multiple days in one post.

So, on Tuesday, it was Day 172, and I don’t have a picture for it. I know I went in and ordered a #11 with a Chicken Tortilla Soup, tried to take a pic of the server (new gal, forget her name), and my iPhone wouldn’t cooperate.

Day 173 was a Spicy Chicken sandwich meal on the way home from a church business meeting. I was starving, and figured the Spicy would be my best shot at a hearty piece of poultry. And, I was right. Theory still holds true.

Thanks to my fellas in the drive-thru (and Alysa too, who sneaked into the boys club picture):

photo 1

We wrapped up day 174 at the great Pasco County Wilderness Wonderland
Celebration of Lights, which, I am sorry to say, was a Parks & Recreation episode just waiting to happen.

I give you, Exhibit A:

photo 2

Exhibit B. Mr and Mrs Claus were very friendly:

photo 3

Exhibit C (that’s real “snow” in case you were wondering):

photo 2

And finally, Exhibit D. It was nice to see that a nativity scene representing the Incarnation – you know, what Christmas is all about – was present.

photo 3

Asher did splendidly through all of this, and after eating his dinner, seemed to want to delay bath time. And I have proof (this has been edited from its original format):


Hilarious. Nothing like seeing a naked 14 month old run around the house trying to avoid whatever it is you want him to do.  Ah, the memories.

Oh yes, and I had a 12-ct Chicken Nuggets this evening after Ash went to bed, with a Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake to top it off. Here’s the boys club – love these guys!

photo 4

Okay, less than a week until Christmas, and closing in on the end of my Every Day with Chick-fil-A. Hard to believe.

Day 165 – Da Bears!

Day 165.

Today is coming to a great close.  The Bears are beating the Cowboys 45-21 with not much time on the clock. Despite having Tony Romo and Dez Bryant on my fantasy team, both my real team and my fantasy team are going to win. We’re on the cusp of discovering why our site is crashing every day. I had a great day with my son and wife.  And I enjoyed a delicious 8-ct of Chick-fil-A Nuggets, courtesy of two of my favorite Chick-fil-A employees, Sandy and Ryan #1:

photo 1

And, the Bears retired the number of Da Coach at halftime. Yes, today it was a good day.

Da Bears!

photo 2

Day 163 & Day 164 – Daddy Daycare & An Every Day with Chick-fil-A First

Day 163 (& Day 164, Sorta),

Well, another first has happened that will go down in Every Day with Chick-fil-A lore….(drumroll please)……I missed my first day since I started this journey back in May.  (With the exception of being in Africa, Sundays, and closed holidays, of course.)

I hated doing it, but the truth is, having worked 10 very hard, up-early-down-late days in a row, it finally caught up to me. Migraine. But before I get to that, let’s rewind to a very enjoyable Day 163.

In an effort to reward Liza for a job well done during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Extravaganza, I was able to, with the generous help of a friend, send her to the Hyatt on Clearwater Beach for the evening with my friend’s wife. True, it was a short stay, but she was able to go without blog and baby for an evening and morning; if nothing else, she got some good rest.

In the meantime, it was Daddy Daycare for me and the boo. Asher stayed with his friends Will and Kylie while the mommas were hanging at the Hyatt, and he was a gem. Mom was worried that Asher wouldn’t sleep, but not only did he go down without a hitch, he even slept in ’til 7:30! And, he had tons of fun on the rocking chair:

photo 2Mom said no standing

photo 3
So we went to the traditional route of butt in chair

Before bed-time we made a trip to Publix for some unsweetened almondmilk and a 12-count of Chick-fil-A Nuggets.  This CFA is down on Ulmerton near our friends, the Clements, so I got my food for the first time from Marley.  Thanks Marley!

photo 1

After putting Ash down to bed, Jason and I had lots of cookies and watched the second Sherlock Holmes movie. Then I was up at 5 a.m. to work for a few hours, and then Daddy Daycare was in full effect, starting with breakfast. Nice work Jason feeding those kiddos; nice job looking for Kylie scraps, Lupe :

photo 4

 We had a great morning, which included a walk around the block. The sun is masking their enthusiasm, I promise:

photo 5

When we finally got home, that’s when it hit me.  Migraine. I have a couple of triggers that I know of – oil paint and tiredness – and the second one had finally caught up to me.

People get and fight off migraines in different ways. For me it starts with blurred vision, moves quickly to nausea and the cold sweats, followed up by an absolute need for a dark room and a lot of shut-eye.

I went to bed at 2:30 p.m. and unfortunately had to miss our Life Group party as I didn’t get up til about 7:30. I did watch the Ohio State game and that was ’bout as nauseating as the migraine, and I wish I’d never set eyes on it.

All that to say, in the mental confusion and subsequent faculty fog-lifting resulting from this episode, I plum forgot to go get my Every Day with Chick-fil-A before it was too late. So while Day 164 is in the books, it’s for a migraine headache, not an Original Sandwich with a Peppermint Chocolate Chip Shake. Unfortunately the day will live in infamy, because it’s the same day the Buckeyes lost the Big 10 Championship, and it’s also the day we remember the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor – December the 7th.

Here’s to hoping I can overcome the adversity and finish the month of December strong.

Day 157 & Day 158 – Thanksgiving & Black Friday Weekend

**This has not been proofread. Reader beware.

Day 157 & Day 158.

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged, and in “Every Day with Chick-fil-A years,” it has. Last Wednesday was the last day. Now it’s Sunday.

Why? Let me count the reasons:

1) Thanksgiving – CFA is closed.

2) Black Friday – it’s our biggest day of the year; we were up at 5:30 a.m. and worked for nearly 18 hours straight. I did, however, find time to sneak in a #5 w/ Grilled Nuggets and a Peppermint Chocolate Chip when I wen out to pick up Asher at Grandma’s. (Side note – his first afternoon away from us was a success!) Day 157 in the books. Thanks fellas.

photo 33) Sunday – CFA is closed.

With that cacophonous cocktail of roadblocks, alas, here I sit – four days since my last blog.

For the record, time is of the essence even this evening, so just know I scored a 6-pk of cookies on Day 158, thanks to my new friend at the Chick-fil-A in Gulf View Square Mall:

photo 4Although since it was Asher’s first Thanksgiving with us in the States, I should at least post a few pics.

photo 1Thanksgiving day was very cold

everydaywithchickfilaWe ran the First Ford Family Turkey Trot – we were all bundled up; Asher won.

everydaywithchickfila1Braving the cold

everydaywithchickfila2Baby’s 1st Thanksgiving – at least in the U.S.A.

photo 4Asher loves his momma, his blankie, and Thanksgiving food.

Day 156 – Chick-Fil-A Is NOT Open on Thanksgiving

Day 156.

I know that all of you are wondering the same, very important thing – is Chick-fil-A open on Thanksgiving Day? They are not. So let’s just put that question to bed early and often.

Chick-fil-A is not open on Thanksgiving.

I’m okay with that. I mean, it will mean I only eat Chick-fil-A five out of seven days this week, but I’ll live. So long as everyone knows I’ve been at Chick-fil-A every day they’ve opened their doors since mid-May this past year…..that’s what counts.

Tonight’s run was done on the phone with Pops – the fam is together in St. Louis and I was scolding him for losing in fantasy football to an inferior opponent. Did you know the iPhone will take a picture even when you’re on the phone? Of course you did. Thanks to Colby, and Taylor and Ryan #2 for the service on my #5 Chicken Nuggets meal – Happy Thanksgiving boys!

photo 3

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving you would expect an emotive, heart-felt haiku or a moving line of prose.  But I’ve been staring at a computer screen posting Black Friday deals (before Black Friday) all day and my eyes are crossed, much less my brain.  Instead, you’ll just get a couple pictures of the two things – well, people – I’m most thankful for.   Dates of pictures (11/27/13), for the record.


No one’s going to take the Cheerios from you buddy

photo 2

It was finally cold enough to wear a beanie; yes, we know he doesn’t match

Day 152, Day 153, & Day 154 – Of Spoons & Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshakes

Day 152, Day 153, & Day 154.

Another tri-fecta for the peeps. Alas, I do not like smashing three posts into one, but we’re coming up on one month left in my quest to eat Every Day with Chick-fil-A, so a brotha’s gotta do what a brotha’s gotta do! (The last part of that sentence annoyed half of you reading this; heck, it annoyed me too, but it conveys the thought without much thought on my part, and that’s what poor writing is all about.)

It’s a good thing I take pictures so I can remember what happened the past three days (four when you factor Sunday).

Day 152 – Rachael was my server:

photo 1

I grabbed a 6-pk of cookies because I had eaten lasagna that night as part of our compare and contrast box lasagnas post, so I was really in the mood for something sweet.

Day 153 – This was done in the early a.m., making it my second Chick-fil-A trip within a 12-hour span.  I had my 7 a.m. Saturday morning workout with friends (think Crossfit or P90X stuff in modified fashion), and CFA is right on the way home. I popped in and chatted it up with Colby, grabbed my #7 Multi-grain Bagel Sandwich with hash browns and bottled water, and hit the road. The only bummer is I didn’t have my phone because I actually went inside and left it in the car, so I settled for a drive-by on my out:

photo 2

Day 154 – A lot easier to remember today’s trip, as I just got back. It had been a while since I ate, so I splurged in my #5 12-pc Chicken Nuggets meal by going with a limited time Peppermint Chocolate Chip shake, and it was worth every calorie. Don’t worry, I went with a small:

photo 2I asked for the shake to be a little thicker, and words of the Lord proved true again – “Ask and ye shall receive.” This shake was divine. I really savored every minute of it, and used every last bit of self-control I had to save a few slurps for my wife. Thanks to Jessica for the service and Ryan #2 for getting the order spot-on over the intercom:

photo 1

Now I thought I’d give a little Asher montage from this morning’s play session on the lanai.  Please note these pics were taken over a 20 minute span from the same vantage point, but Asher is playing at different spots each time. However, there is another constant in each photo that is noted with the red arrow.  The kid just won’t give up his applesauce spoon. Enjoy.

photo 4

photo 1

Now don’t let him fool you on this next one. Seems the “Word of the Day” on Sesame Street that we’ve watched and heard like 900 times – “incognito” – has taken root.

photo 2

photo 5

20 minutes later, the spoon is still intact. Hey, what can I say? The kid loves spoons.

See you on Day 155 tomorrow!

Day 148 & Day 149 – Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshakes Are Here & Asher’s 3-month “Gotcha” Day Anniversary

Day 148 & Day 149.

One word: Peppermint-Chocolate-Chip-Milkshake.

everydaywithchickfilaYou see what I did there?  Hyphenation, baby. It’s a great literary tool, but like your favorite joke or pair of boxers, you can only bring it out so much. It’s a special gem in the writer’s repertoire and must be treated as such.

In the last two days, I’ve had two of these bad boys, and I don’t regret it. At least not yet. I’m not the biggest peppermint fan by itself, but you pair it with some chocolate and I’m like a hobo on a hotdog (read that somewhere recently and I’ve been dying to try it!). Did it work? Um, yeah, you don’t have to answer that.

I was at the mall Chick-fil-A in Port Richey for day 148 because I had to be out that way to pick up some stuff at Office Depot, so many thanks to my server Becky for the shake and some Chicken Tortilla Soup.

photo 1

Day 149 actually serves as a special one, because it marks the 3 month anniversary of Asher’s U.S.A. “gotcha” day, which is adoption-speak for, “The day we brought him home.”  It’s true that Liza had him for 19 days in Ethiopia, but he stepped on Florida soil on August 19th, 2013. Well, he was carried on US soil on the 19th of August.

I had a bunch of emotional and sentimental things I wanted to capture in this blog post because Asher has made soooooo (six o’s means I’m really serious) much progress since that first week. However, my wife did a better job that I could’ve ever hoped for in her Facebook status earlier, so I thought I’d just let her do the talking.

everydaywithchickfila1Makes me a little teary, for sure.  To think that he will most likely remember none of this is, well, depressing. But I’m trying to cherish every second – that’s what the rest of you keep telling me to do, and you’re absolutely right.

We did make a family trip to Chick-fil-A today in celebration of Asher’s 3-months in the States, and a #5 Chicken Nuggets meal with a Peppermint Shake was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks to Jessica and the other gals for the prompt (and correct service) tonight:

photo 2

My only complaint with both the Peppermint and the Mocha Cookies & Cream shakes are that they’re generally too unthick. Yes, I just made that word up George Bush. But it’s the best way to describe it. If you’re going to error on a shake, you want to error on the thick side, not the unthick side. Sooooo, Chick-fil-A execs – these specialty milkshakes are divine, but I think your customer base would like to see them have the same thickness as the regular menu shakes. At least this customer.

Liza took this pic of Asher today on a walk, so I’m posting it here to have a record of what he looks like at 3 months. Plus, with that smile, it’s just too good not to:



Day 133 – All Hallow’s Eve

Day 133.

Halloween. All Hallow’s Eve. A mocking precursor to All Saint’s Day. But all people know about it today is that you dress up and get candy. I’m fine with that. But if you are interested in a quick video (we’re talking under 2 minutes) on the significance of October 31st, I encourage you to watch it HERE.

Of course I must provide you an obligatory “here’s my kid” pic in his costume, so here you go:


Let me just tell you that he hated this experiment of wearing a costume. I have quite a few pictures that demonstrate this hatred, but in an effort to make us not seem like “those” parents, they have remained on the camera for now.

Asher didn’t have the best of days, actually. I think with all the excitement from Uncle Mike and cousin Luke, he’s going through some withdrawals. He’s reverted back to a couple of “orphanage” symptoms just in the past couple of days. It’s disappointing, but we’ll just keep at it, love on him, and continue to work towards attachment and wholeness (whatever that means for Asher!).

He was probably on his best behavior for the day as we went out and did errands.  First stop?  To visit Colby and Sandra (and Joyce). #5 12-ct, large fries, and a bottled water was on the menu.

photo 2Then it was off to Dunkin Donuts to pick up a coffee for mama. Let’s be honest, it was for dadda too. We then deposited some checks at the bank, and hit up Publix for some needed organic dairy products, the eggs of which I promptly dropped on the kitchen floor when I came home.  When you’re paying 50 cents per egg, that’s a heart-breaker.

Liza’s out giving out candy as we speak. Ever since we moved in, we sit out in the driveway with our neighbors and hand out candy and eat chili. Being on Asher-duty, however, means I’m inside after giving the boy a bath and putting him to bed. Now it’s Miami/Cincy on the NFL network and looking forward to eating the leftover candy.

Speaking of…

Day 127 – Practicing Being Brief, & An Asher First

Day 127.

Today was the best day of the year. Why? It didn’t go above 80. And let me tell you, that qualifies as being the best day ever. Nevermind that I woke up with a hangover-type headache (not that I would know what a hangover was, but one could imagine), a bit of a sore throat, and was all sorts of tired and all sorts of achy. As soon as I realized my thermostat, set at 78, was positioned at 75, I knew it would be a good day regardless of the cold weather’s affect on my body.

Before I could head to Chick-fil-A for my 12 ct chicken nuggets and a large Coke this evening, I had a productive afternoon on Addicted to Saving and, more importantly, a great morning with my son.

First things first though; thanks to Taylor and the crew at Chick-fil-A this evening for their once-again excellent service:


And since I’m trying to be brief(er) these days, I’m just going to let you know the monumental occurrence that happened this morning at the playground. I’ll let the video do the talking:

Sorry for the giddy daddy sounds – comes with the territory.

Excited to see my broham and his son Luke tomorrow! I’m sure we’ll make a Chick-fil-A run at some point.

Until then…..

Day 124 & Day 125 – Short & Sweet

Day 124 & Day 125.

As you can see, I’m really starting to slow the pace on my Every Day with Chick-fil-A blogs.  I’m still going every day, but man, the blogging part is tough. Now I could just throw up a couple pictures and a line or two about Asher or my guy Colby at Chick-fil-A every time, but that’s not a very good blog.  Of course, it might not be a very good blog if I drone on and on either. Maybe I should just keep it short and sweet?

Well, okay, let’s try it.

Day 124 I purchased a 6-pk of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies under serious duress. I tried to change a snippet of code on our website and crashed it for two hours. Asher was screaming his head off at the time.  And we lost $1000+ worth of frozen products due to our freezer doing something it shouldn’t have (ie, stop working). Now it looks like this:


If you’re tempted to feel badly for us, don’t.  A $100 bill only hits us for about $30 on average, so we’ll replenish it quickly.  I just hate to see the waste.

To top it off, I apparently deleted my server Jessica’s picture to prove I was there. First time for everything.

Day 125 was much better.  We had to write a post on Pumpkin Spice Liquid Coffee-Mate creamer, which you are free to read here – Enjoying Life With Pumpkin Spice Liquid Coffee-mate #loveyourcup #shop. Thus, much of our day was spent “staging,” ie, cleaning the mess that we know as our house and making it appear comfortable and cozy. It’s fun, really. Here’s Liza and me “taking a break” from our normal blogging duties:


Then I took Asher to Chick-fil-A, ordered a #5 8-ct with a medium waffle fries and bottled water, listened to Colby have the cajones to say “My pleasure, Jeff” after my order over the intercom, and saw Sandy my server:

photo 1

Then it was home for a quick jog, shower, din-din and this blog post.

Yes, short and sweet. That was much better.