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Day 161 & Day 162 – Another Day(s), Another Day(s) with Chick-fil-A

Day 161 & Day 162.

I sneaked in a #3 Spicy Chicken Sandwich combo with a Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake on Day 161. I say “sneaked” because I actually ate dinner around 5:30 up at our church where we had a “Flavor of the Worlds” mission dinner featuring foods from around the world. So Liza definitely got a taste of my CFA since I was a little full; although she didn’t get any of my shake. I tried to refrain from demolishing it but it just so happens that a slow, patient consumption of a small Chick-fil-A shake takes precisely 20 minutes, which is the distance one has to cover from the Trinity CFA to my home. Sorry babe.

Thanks to this bunch for the excellent service:

photo 1Day 162 was an oldie but a goodie – the Asian Salad. I got it around 3:00 because that was the best time slot, but actually didn’t consume til about 10:00 this evening. If you were ever wondering if it “keeps” for 7 hours, I have good news to report – with the exception of cold chicken, it’s every bit as delicious as eating it fresh.  File that one away in your mental Rolodex in case the opportunity every presents itself.

Some of my favorites were working the drive-thru today. Colby had the salad prepared perfectly (I didn’t have to ask for extra crispies), and Sandy knew it was me over the intercom. Great work my friends:

photo 4

Now I’m sitting here jealous I haven’t been able to watch the Carrie Underwood Sound of Music special as everyone’s posting about it on Facebook. Such is life.

I’ll leave you with a couple of Asher pics and a video that is, well, typical of our time together. Enjoy!

photo 2What is he, a Sprout spokesbaby?

photo 3
A baby/beast standoff

Day 129 & Day 130 – Good Times w/ My Broham & One Big Step for Mankind

Day 129 & Day 130.

The past two days (well, three, since Chick-fil-A is off on Sundays) have been great. My broham picked the perfect weather weekend to come down, and I’ve realized just how thankful I am to have the job of “blogger” in times like these. True, not as much work gets done, but so much of our lives are spent working, it’s nice to be able to just set work aside without filling out a vacation request to hang with the ones you love.

Saturday was just that – me, my bro, his son Luke, and Ash baby. Here’s Mike and Luke at our community playground:

photo 1Luke has such a sweet disposition, and truthfully, he doesn’t know how to handle Asher. I compare Ash to the Tasmanian Devil – hell on wheels, if you will. The kid just doesn’t stop.  Luke, being the sweet kid he is, has really been taken aback by little man. But, they’ve had a great time. I just love this pic of Asher crawling after Luke. Sums up their relationship nicely:

photo 2Crawling reminds me of something very important but more on that in a bit.

After our action-packed Saturday, we headed to Chick-fil-A where I was pleased for Mike to meet Ryan & Ryan. I think it may be the first time those two have graced an Every Day with Chick-fil-A server pic at the same time . For the record, I ordered an Asian Salad and Mike got a Spicy Chicken meal and a Cookies & Cream shake. Thanks fellas!

photo 3Now, I don’t have video proof to give you of this yet, but crawling made me think about some very big news I have to share – Asher took his first steps on Sunday! Yes!  Not only did he take his first steps, but between yesterday and today, he’s gotten a little cocky if you ask me. I just love this kid’s fearlessness. I know that he needs boundaries and needs to know what’s safe and what’s not, but as a former football player and coach, you love to have guys around you who will throw their bodies at the other team without regard for their own. Asher seems to have a little bit of that recklessness in him, and I love it!

Day 129 allowed us to do the one thing Aunt Deanna promised Luke when he boarded a plane from St. Louis to come to Florida: go to the water. And to the water we went today! (Btw, to hear my cousin say wah-wah about the ‘water’ puts him in competition with the girl on on that AT&T cutest kid competition commercial.)

Here was dad and son (can you tell their from pastiness they’re from the Midwest?) in a very touching beach scene:

photo 4

As for the dadda of this blog, Asher was a pistol as always at the beach, and I love it. Despite what the photo seems to indicate below, he actually enjoyed wearing the hat today because the sun was really bothering him. Nevermind he’s about to rip my lip off:

everydaywithchickfilaThen it was home, dinner, bath-time, night-night, and a late night run to Chick-fil-a for some Cookies & Cream milkshakes. Thanks to Kayleigh and Landon and my guy Evan on the shake machine this evening. You guys rock!

photo5And now if St. Louis can rock its way to a win. 1-1. Top of the 7th. Geez. Come on Wainright. 1st and 2nd, 1 out.