Day 148 & Day 149 – Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshakes Are Here & Asher’s 3-month “Gotcha” Day Anniversary

Day 148 & Day 149.

One word: Peppermint-Chocolate-Chip-Milkshake.

everydaywithchickfilaYou see what I did there?  Hyphenation, baby. It’s a great literary tool, but like your favorite joke or pair of boxers, you can only bring it out so much. It’s a special gem in the writer’s repertoire and must be treated as such.

In the last two days, I’ve had two of these bad boys, and I don’t regret it. At least not yet. I’m not the biggest peppermint fan by itself, but you pair it with some chocolate and I’m like a hobo on a hotdog (read that somewhere recently and I’ve been dying to try it!). Did it work? Um, yeah, you don’t have to answer that.

I was at the mall Chick-fil-A in Port Richey for day 148 because I had to be out that way to pick up some stuff at Office Depot, so many thanks to my server Becky for the shake and some Chicken Tortilla Soup.

photo 1

Day 149 actually serves as a special one, because it marks the 3 month anniversary of Asher’s U.S.A. “gotcha” day, which is adoption-speak for, “The day we brought him home.”  It’s true that Liza had him for 19 days in Ethiopia, but he stepped on Florida soil on August 19th, 2013. Well, he was carried on US soil on the 19th of August.

I had a bunch of emotional and sentimental things I wanted to capture in this blog post because Asher has made soooooo (six o’s means I’m really serious) much progress since that first week. However, my wife did a better job that I could’ve ever hoped for in her Facebook status earlier, so I thought I’d just let her do the talking.

everydaywithchickfila1Makes me a little teary, for sure.  To think that he will most likely remember none of this is, well, depressing. But I’m trying to cherish every second – that’s what the rest of you keep telling me to do, and you’re absolutely right.

We did make a family trip to Chick-fil-A today in celebration of Asher’s 3-months in the States, and a #5 Chicken Nuggets meal with a Peppermint Shake was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks to Jessica and the other gals for the prompt (and correct service) tonight:

photo 2

My only complaint with both the Peppermint and the Mocha Cookies & Cream shakes are that they’re generally too unthick. Yes, I just made that word up George Bush. But it’s the best way to describe it. If you’re going to error on a shake, you want to error on the thick side, not the unthick side. Sooooo, Chick-fil-A execs – these specialty milkshakes are divine, but I think your customer base would like to see them have the same thickness as the regular menu shakes. At least this customer.

Liza took this pic of Asher today on a walk, so I’m posting it here to have a record of what he looks like at 3 months. Plus, with that smile, it’s just too good not to:



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