Day 159 & Day 160 – A Two-Day Asian Salad Detox

Day 159 & Day 160.

So Cyber Monday was yesterday, which means we were up at 5:15 a.m. and worked until about 11:00 at night. Not straight, but enough to make us totally wasted. (Disclosure: No alcohol was consumed in the working of this Cyber Monday.)

The good news is, I had to pick up Boo again from G-ma’s, so of course I stopped by CFA to get my Every Day fix. What did I order?  Went back to Old Faithful – the Asian Salad with extra crispies and a bottled water. Why did I need that? Because I have been living in absolute survival mode, and have pretty much lived exclusively on the following:

photo 1

Pizza Hut Pizza

photo 2

Homemade cheesecake and Dunkin Donuts

Hence, the need for a detoxing Asian Salad. And for the record, I did it on Day 160 as well.

It’s weird to think I’m on my last month of the VIP card and it will soon be over.  Of course I learn today that CFA is now doing something about the HFCS and dye in the their foods. I suppose the damage is done already on me, right?

They get flack for this, but Truett’s like 150 years old, and I’m pretty sure he’s had a few Original Sandwiches in his life.

At any rate, it’s bittersweet to think about not seeing my friends every day. It’s just bitter to think that I won’t have free Chick-fil-A. However, it is SOOO sweet to think about not having to blog about it every day. That truly has been a test of character for this kid.

Day 161 awaits us.

Thanks to my friends who waited on me the past couple of days!

photo 3

Day 158


Day 159 (I love these guys!)

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