Day 170 & Day 171: Miscellaneous

Day 170 & Day 171.

Between Saturday and Monday, there isn’t a whole lot to report. On day 170 (Saturday), we went to some friends’ to celebrate their little girl’s 1-yr old birthday; she’s adopted just like Asher, and we semi-formally prearranged their marriage – they’d make beautiful kids, no doubt.

The party was pretty cool, complete with real snow (well, ice rink leftovers) and “snow ladders” which, consequently, fell on my wife’s head. But she’s okay, and it was good to get Asher out with other children. We’re still working on attachment, so going out still makes us a little nervous – he needs to know unequivocally that mamma and dadda are the primary caregivers. Whenever we introduce a lot of other grownups with a propensity to dote on such a stinkin’ cute kid, it runs the risk of setting us back.  He’s definitely close, though, and we feel we’ve made a lot of strides in the last month. A lot of people probably wonder why we don’t put him in nursery or take him out more for play-dates, but the bonding between mother, father and son must “take,” and take solidly at that. We don’t want to have to rewind time because we thrust him into situations that, to his orphanged mind, are confusing. The good news is, we’re almost there.

I really wish I would’ve grabbed a picture of the party, but I’m a guy, and the last thing we usually think about is taking pictures. Of course, having a son and have a blog will change that somewhat, which is why I have a picture of my guys Justin and Evan at Chick-fil-A serving us up some soup and salad for Liza and my old faithful, an Asian Salad with extra crispies. I love these guys:

photo 2

Day 171 was a normal Monday – scrambling in the morning to get the Publix ad up, and then coming apart at the seams later in the day from loss of blog-numbing brain cells. Good news is we did get up the Christmas tree finally, this year with all decorations starting halfway up the tree, as I’m sure you can guess why:

photo 3

Big thanks to Kim Kinney for our personalized Asher’s First Christmas ornament – so awesome!

photo 4

Tonight’s CFA run was all about the soup.  It’s been crisp all day, and the I was really ready for some Chicken Tortilla Soup. HOWEVER, much to my chagrin, when I got home, I discovered Chicken Noodle Soup instead. Sigh. Double sigh.  I think this is only the second wrong order in 171 tries, however, so not bad.  Don’t get me wrong, the chicken noodle soup is good too, and I had some extra tortillas from the other day sitting on the counter just waiting to be consumed.  It’s all good Ryan #2, and the new girl and Alexis who fooled me with the Alyssa name tag; I’m not madatcha:


Today is also a memorable day for this reason – my brother and sister (yes, they’re twins) turn 26, I believe. Mike is in St. Louis with his wife, son, and daughter-to-be, and Kari is in Africa with her husband. Love you both!

Day 171 down – only a few more to go. Hard to believe I’m really on the home stretch.

P.S. Since drafting today’s blog, I have found out that a very good friend of mind is in the hospital with a pretty bad heart. If you’re the praying type, please intercede on his behalf when you read this, as I believe we serve a God who hears and answers prayer, and uses men and women doctors as His instruments.

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